Horse Jumps

Versatile Horse Jumps

These creative horse jump ideas are just a sampling of what can be done with our panels. You can create classic and professional horse jumps with the look of real stone or brick without having to hire a mason. For use in shows, competitions or training at your local barn, the panels be cut to regulation size and installed very easily.

A fraction of the weight of real stone, jumps built with the panels can easily be moved from place to place. This makes changing the layout of your jumping course a piece of cake.


  • Weatherproof
  • Easy to install
  • Mobile, thanks to lightweight polyurethane makeup
  • Available in a number of styles and textures
  • Delivered to your home or barn

Create your own show jump using these photos as inspiration, and then use your creation to reach new heights with your riding skills.

Our Customers say:

Used to build jumps for horses. Outside in the Florida weather. So far - Great! I will use more!


Faux stone decorative panels create the appearance of rugged stacked stone in a variety of colors perfect for almost any interior design.
Wellington Panels
With both flat panels and corner pieces that create smooth joints, Wellington creates beautiful columns quickly and easily that look like genuine stone.
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Fake rock made from molds of the real thing looks authentic while polyurethane construction makes it easy to maintain
Regency Panels
Polyurethane actually stands up to competition wear and tear better than genuine brick or stone would, while also allowing you to adjust course as needed.
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Faux stone siding creates professional looking results without the high costs or time required if you hired a stone mason
Norwich Panels
Thanks to routered edges that guarantee a straight, smooth installation for professional looking results and five gorgeous styles, Norwich is a smart and attractive choice.
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Simulated brick and faux stone siding come in a variety of styles perfect for any interior design
Carlton Panels
Tougher than the real thing, stone and brick veneer provide the look of cut stone without the weight that would make it difficult to change your show jump course.
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Faux stone decorative panels provide fade-proof looks, easy installation, durability and resistance to insect and weather damage.
Windsor Panels
With strong, fade-proof construction that won't crack or split in harsh weather, three distinctive styles and coordinating accessories, Windsor gives you lots of options and gorgeous color selections.
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Make those horse jumps more appealing with ease and for an affordable cost.
Ashford Panels
Made of lightweight MDPE, these posts possess the look of real rock but are a fraction of its weight, allowing for easy changes to your jump course design.
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Faux wood paneling is a perfect way to get the look of old-fashioned tongue-and-groove paneling without the hassles or headaches of termites, splinters, etc.
Woodland Panels
For a classic tongue-and-groove look without the hassles of real wood, virtually maintenance-free Woodland panels are the way to go.
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