Mitering a Corner

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Tools and Supplies You'll Need

  1. Tape Measure
  2. Screws - use screws that are long enough to go through the panels and firmly attach to the wall behind the panels. We recommend a narrow head screw (such as a #1 Robertson head trim head screw) to make touch-up easier and less noticeable.
  3. Screw gun with the appropriate tip for the screws being used.
  4. A saw for cutting panels at 45° angle – a circular saw, jig saw, band saw, or table saw, it is your preference. Any woodcutting blade used with these saws work great and cut smooth and easy.
  5. Construction Adhesive/Glue - we recommend either PL® Premium Construction Adhesive, PL® Premium Advanced 3X Construction Adhesive which has 3x faster bonding), or Great Stuff Pro.
  6. Hand File
  7. Textured Caulk
  8. Caulking gun for applying the Adhesive/Glue and Caulk.
  9. Touch-up Kit
  10. Paintbrush


1.) Measure and mark the panel to indicate the location of the cut.

2.) Cut the panel at a 45 degree angle. (It's helpful to use a simple panel cutting jig on a table saw.) NOTE: You can use a circular saw set to a 45 degree angle as well.

3.) Flip the Panel over 180 degrees, then make a 45 degree cut. The cut should be made just to cut into the back of the panel, creating a perfect V.

4.) Only a small triangle-shaped wedge of waste should be left over.

5.) Use the standard installation instructions to mount one of the cut panels, then glue and screw the panel in place.

6.) In cases where the next piece is butting into a wall, it will be necessary to measure it out and cut it straight.

7.) Making sure that the miter is good and tight, mount the other cut panel, then glue and screw it in.

8.) Some spots may overhang, exposing the yellow polyurethane.

9.) File those spots down to match the shape of the stone next to it.

10.) Use your touch-up paint to fix the filed area.

11.) Use the appropriate color-coordinated caulking to fill any gap or imperfection in the miter. If a touch-up kit is available for the FauxPanels® you are installing, you can also use the Paint from the Touch-up kit to conceal imperfections in the miter.

12.) Your corner is now in place!

MAKE SURE to observe and obey all safety rules and recommendations set forth by tool manufacturers and local, state, and federal authorities for any building project including all applicable building codes.