Cutting Faux Panels®

Cutting the panels is easy! You can use any wood cutting tool. Please click on the thumbnails to see a short video of the panels being cut.

Chop Saw










How to Cut Versetta Stone Veneer Panels

Always follow safe tool operation instructions provide by the tool manufacturer. Always wear eye protection, hearing protection and a dust mask while cutting or trimming. Do not cut more than one panel at a time. Straight and angle cuts can be made with any of the folowing cutting tools: Circular Saw, Hand Grinder (masonry blade recommended for trimming and staggered cuts), Table Saw or Wet Saw with continuous diamond turbo blade

Tools with a fence provide a clean and fast cut, i.e. table saw or miter saw. Trimming and staggered cuts are best made with a hand grinder utilizing a masonry blade. Holes can be made with a masonry hole saw, drill or grinder with a masonry blade. Always safely support and stabilize the panel during modification.