Carlton Columns/Columns Installation

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Tools and Supplies You'll Need

You can install Carlton columns easily using tools found in almost everyone's toolbox. To complete your project you will at least need these basic tools:

  1. Screws - use screws that are long enough to go through the Deck Sleeve. We recommend a narrow head screw (such as a #1 Robertson head trim head screw) to make touch-up easier and less noticeable.
  2. Construction Adhesive/Glue - we recommend either PL® Premium Construction Adhesive, PL® Premium Advanced 3X Construction Adhesive (which has 3x faster bonding), or Great Stuff Pro.
  3. Screw gun with the appropriate tip for the screws being used.
  4. A saw for cutting columns – a circular saw, jig saw, band saw, table saw, or hand saw, it is your preference. Any woodcutting blade used with these saws work great and cut smooth and easy.
  5. Tape Measure
  6. Level
  7. Caulking gun for applying the Adhesive/Glue and Caulk.


Select which style of corner you will be installing:

Deck Sleeves Installation

1.) Carlton deck sleeves are designed to slip over a 6"x6" or 4"x4" post. (If you're using a 6"x6" post, go to Step 2). Shim your 4"x4" post with the included shims. Shims should be used on the sides to which a railing will be attached.

2.) Slide your deck sleeve over the post to the base. If installing with a deck or porch posts and railings system, refer to the railing manufacturer for the approved fastening method and make certain that fasteners will penetrate through the column into the post 1 ½".

3.) Secure the deck sleeve cap by applying a quality exterior glue/construction adhesive to the top edge of the deck sleeve. Center cap and apply pressure to secure.

Split Deck Sleeves/Columns Installation

One column half is attached to support post with adhesive and screws.

1.) Dry fit both halves to center 4”x4” on column. Attach one side with adhesive and 2 ¼” deck screws through mortar joints. Countersink screw heads 1/16”.

Column wraps fit securely with caulking.

2.) Apply caulk and squeeze the ends of the two sections together.

Opposite half is secured with adhesive and screws.

3.) Secure opposite half using same method used in Step 1. Three screws minimum per side, per half. Add screws as needed to flush joints.

Opposite half is secured with adhesive and screws.

4.) Vertically stack as many columns as you need to achieve your desired height. For example, you can create a 9’ height by using three 44-inch columns, then cutting one of the columns to 20 inches with any woodworking tool, such as a jig saw, to get the combined height of 9’.

Recessed screw heads are caulked with our Carlton Caulk.

5.) Caulk recessed screw heads with our Carlton Caulk.

Excess caulk should be cleaned up.

6.) Clean up any excess caulk.

Opposite half is secured with adhesive and screws.

7.) Touch-up as necessary.

Important Info...

Be sure to follow and obey all safety rules and recommendations set forth by tool manufacturers.

Always follow any, and all, local, state, and federal building codes.  Always comply with any specified clearances set forth by the manufactures of stoves, fireplaces, furnaces, and any other heat sources, as well.