Installing Faux Panels® on Concrete (Glue and screw)

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Tools and Supplies You'll Need

  1. Screws - use Philips flat head countersinking Tapcon Screw.
  2. Screw gun with the appropriate tip for the screws being used.
  3. Hammer drill with the proper size Masonry drill bit.


The following are directions on how to install Faux Panels® on Concrete using glue and screws.

For Oxford, Regency, Wellington, Norwich, Cambridge, and Carlton panels the installation on to a concrete wall is much the same as the standard installation.  The only difference comes in the use of Tapcon Concrete Screws.  These are available at most Home Centers and/or local hardware stores.  These require pre-drilling with a hammer drill with the proper size Masonry drill bit. Otherwise, follow all of the standard step by step installation instructions.

This video will help you install the concrete fasteners

Use this type Philips flat head countersinking Tapcon Screw

MAKE SURE to observe and obey all safety rules and recommendations set forth by tool manufacturers and local, state, and federal authorities for any building project including all applicable building codes.