Installing Decorative Electrical Outlet Covers and Light Boxes

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Tools and Supplies You'll Need

  1. UL-listed extension box
  2. Construction Adhesive/Glue - we recommend either PL® Premium Construction Adhesive, PL® Premium Advanced 3X Construction Adhesive which has 3x faster bonding), or Great Stuff Pro.
  3. Caulking gun for applying the Adhesive/Glue.
  4. Level


Prepare your stone veneer installation project by setting up your extension box and wiring.

1.) Prior to stone veneer installation, attach UL-listed extension box to pre-wired and mounted electrical box.

Apply adhesive as needed to your decorative electrical outlet covers.

2.) Apply construction adhesive to back of cast stone or prepared substrate.

Center and level your decorative electrical outlet covers using shims if needed.

3.) Center your decorative electrical outlet cover, light box or receptacle box over the extension box, level and plumb (using removeable shims if required).

Finish your stone veneer installation by putting up remaining Versetta Stone panels.

4.) Complete the installation of Versetta Stone veneer around your Electrical Box and Light Box Stone.

Notes: Extension box, light fixture or receptacle plate to be attached in accordance with manufacturer's instructions and local building codes.
Patents pending on all Electrical Box Stone products.