Installing Windsor Accent Rocks

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Tools and Supplies You'll Need

  1. Exterior Grade Screws — use screws that are long enough to go through the FauxPanel and firmly attach to the wall behind the FauxPanel. We recommend a narrow head screw (such as a #1 Robertson head trim head screw) to make touch-up easier and less noticeable.
  2. Construction Adhesive/Glue — we recommend either PL® Premium Construction Adhesive, PL® Premium Advanced 3X Construction Adhesive (which has 3X faster bonding), or Great Stuff Pro.
  3. A saw for cutting panels – a circular saw, jig saw, band saw, table saw, or hand saw, it is your preference. Any woodcutting blade used with these saws will work great and cut smooth and easy.
  4. Tape Measure
  5. Level
  6. Caulking gun for applying the Adhesive/Glue and Caulk.
  7. FauxPanels® color coordinated textured caulk.
  8. 2" x 4" lumber as needed
  9. Exterior grade plywood as needed


Below are directions on installing Accent Rocks

Accent rocks provide a unique touch to faux panel wall designs.

1.) There are 6 unique Accent Rocks to incorporate into any installation, 3 colors of the large and 3 colors of the small (Lava Gray only has 1 color so there are 2 unique rocks). The installation of accent rocks can be totally random or you can make a pattern which repeats throughout the install.

Planning the layout of your panels and decorative rocks is important.

2.) Plan the layout of your accent rocks to suit your needs and properly utilize them alongside your panels. While accent rock installation may take more planning and preparation, the end result is a more unique installation which is more realistic and effectively conceals joints line between panels.

Follow faux rock panel installation instructions to combine panels and accent rocks.

3.) Install Random Rock panels up to the point where the first accent rock is needed. Follow our Windsor Installation Instructions for installing the full panels.

Slide your accent rock pieces into place as directed.

4.) Starting from the left, take an accent rock and lock the bottom groove into the starter strip tongue (if the accent rock is on the bottom course) or the panel tongue on the course below the one being worked on. Slide the accent rock to the left so the accent rock lap locks over the random rock panel side shiplap joint.

Screw decorative rocks into place at the marked screw guide points.

5.) Using screw guide points, screw through the substrate and into a stud (when practical) using 4 screws for the large accent rock and 3 screws for the small. Working left to right, continue installing full panels until another accent rock is needed.

Repeat steps as needed to finish your faux panel and accent rock project.

6.) Repeat Steps 4 & 5 as needed until finished. If necessary, use textured caulk and touch-up kits to fix or conceal any scuffs, cuts or exposed screw heads.

  1. How to Caulk
  2. How to Touch Up Windsor Panels


Be sure to follow and obey all safety rules and recommendations set forth by tool manufacturers. Always follow any, and all, local, state, and federal building codes.

Always comply with any specified clearances set forth by the manufactures of stoves, fireplaces, furnaces, and any other heat sources, as well.