Faux Log Cabin Vinyl Siding

Log cabin siding made from durable vinyl, installed on a home in Spice color.Log cabin siding in Spice
Vinyl log siding in Smoke color installed on a ranch home’s side exterior.Vinyl log siding in Smoke
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Exterior home design with vinyl siding tends to suffer from too many boring, cookie-cutter choices that you see on every home. Log cabin vinyl siding offers a great looking way to give your house a distinct look. It’s a great way to mimic log cabin construction with the ease of installation afforded by vinyl siding.

Modern log cabins are well-known for their wonderful rustic appeal that evokes historical frontier designs. The amount and cost for wood logs of that size is already exceptionally high and when you include time, labor and machinery needed it becomes almost impossible. With log cabin vinyl siding, you can create that look for a fraction of the cost and manpower. Plus, it’s an environmentally friendly choice compared to felling and splitting numerous trees to obtain the same look.

Built to install similar to other vinyl siding products, our faux logs are perfect for DIY weekend warriors or professional installers. The choice of vinyl instead of wood means there is no fear of warping, rotting, checking, splitting or pests. The contoured shape not only makes them look like wood logs, it also increases structural strength and impact resistance.

Your exterior home design is sure to shine with the look of faux logs. Give the neighborhood something to talk about and give yourself a cozy, traditional façade for your house.