Nailon Siding Panels

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Nailon exterior siding panels allow you to accent or or revamp your entire commercial building or home with the look of natural look of brick or stone without the high cost, labor and maintenance of professional masonry.

Whether your project is reinventing a restaurant or office front or boosting your home’s curb appeal, Nailon’s polymer siding and coordinating accessories are here.

  • Just like vinyl siding - only better
  • Easy to care for, low maintenance and durable
  • Made from specialty polypropylene with an injection-molding technology
  • Simple to install
  • Protected from intense temperature change with stabilizers
  • Has panel-through color and resin with polymers to shield against UV rays
  • Time-proven product

Jumpstart any design project with this authentic looking cladding. Add any of the Nailon styles to your home's exterior walls, outdoor patio area or take your building's hum-drum, dull surface to new heights with the beautiful look of brick or stone.