Woodland Wall Panels

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Beauty, ease and practicality all come in one package with our gorgeous faux wood wall panels.

Their beauty is obvious – simulating expensive, old-world tongue-and-groove paneling to add a rich look to any kitchen, living room, dining room or family room remodeling project. You can even use them outside for patio redesigns and more. Available in four colors – cedar, walnut, oak and unfinished, you can match them to any décor.

Woodland panels are so good looking, no one will believe they’re not the real thing – but even better. Their strong polyurethane construction handles wear-and-tear better than real wood and is virtually maintenance free.

Woodland panels make remodeling easy and are a favorite of do-it-yourselfers. Because they’re lightweight and come in 10-square-foot sections, you don’t need a helper to install them. Staggered ends guarantee an authentic look without any of the headaches of working with real wood.

More importantly, you can get a gorgeous result without sacrificing safety or practicality. Woodland panels come with a Fire Rating option that exceeds most residential building code requirements. Because they’re ¾-inch thick, they also add to the insulation value of your home, making it more energy efficient and attractive.

The combination of style, ease and practicality make these faux wood wall panels a sure winner for all of your do-it-yourself and home remodeling projects.