York PVC Siding

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  • PVC siding in Random Rock style makes a nice addition to a home’s foundation.

When considering home siding, vinyl may be the traditional route, but durable PVC siding is quickly becoming known as the better option.

York is a step above the traditional vinyl products on the market. Over the years, vinyl has come under attack for the harmful chemicals it can release during a fire. These panels, on the other hand, come with a firerated polyurethane option which makes them much more resistant and safer. If you live in an area where stress from high winds is an issue, these panels (when properly installed) can exceed a wind load of 170 mph.

Beauty and authenticity is not sacrificed for the sake of safety and affordability. The molding process used creates incredible realism compared to traditional siding. Using up to 8 different molds, York siding is varied enough that repeating patterns shouldn’t be an issue and seams will be hard to notice. The individual panels are all colored using a unique process that sets them apart from other choices.

DIYers and builders will find the panels to be lightweight, simple to install and have a lower scrap rate compared to other materials. All of these factors combined results in lower labor costs. They’re so easy to install, one man could do an entire job himself! The durable construction also makes these panels impact resistant and fade resistant -- meaning a much lower likelihood of needing replacement.

If you’re tired of boring vinyl and want something better, look no further than York PVC siding.