Vinyl Log Siding

  • $47.13 each panel
  • Model: LS-LS-PN-VM
  • Color: Vermont Maple
  • Production Time: Approx. 2 to 4 weeks
  • Number of Boxes:
  • This product is sold in box quantities only.
    14 panels (109.34 sq.ft.) per box at $659.82.
    Minimum order quantity is 1 box (14 panels)
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Specifications of Log Vermont Maple Panel:

  • Model: LS-LS-PN-VM
  • Line: Log
  • Style: Log
  • Color: Vermont Maple
  • Type: Panel
  • Edge Type: Interlocking
  • Production Time: Approx. 2 to 4 weeks
  • Overall Dimensions: 143" Wide × 9" High × approx. 1" Thick
  • Coverage Dimensions: 140 ½" Wide × 8" High
  • Coverage: Approx. 7.81 sq. ft.
  • Weight: Approx. 4 lbs 1 oz each panel
  • Interior Use: This product is made out of polypropylene and has a Class C fire rating. Please check with your local building codes if you intend on using for interior.
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 box (14 panels)
  • Area price: Approx. $5.27 / sq.ft.
    based on overall dimensions
  • Coverage price: Approx. $6.03 / sq.ft.
    based on coverage dimensions
  • Price per pound: Approx. $11.61 / lb.
  • Ships From: Northeast Region

    Vinyl log siding offers affordability and realism that will help bring your visions to life. The Log Cabin holds a place in the hearts of many as a traditional, historic home with a rustic appeal and a sense of pioneer spirit. You can give your home this beautiful look for less.

    Simulated log siding is not only lighter, cheaper and easier to install; it is also an environmentally conscious choice. Building an entire home in the traditional cabin fashion is an expensive process requiring immense manpower and time.

    The bridges the gap between realism and affordability. Featuring a realistic and durable design, the panels are insulated to enhance the beauty of your home while offering strength and safety.

    Unlike real wood, vinyl resists burdensome mold, mildew, insects, termites, cracking and warping. The material’s UV resistant coating will ensure the color lasts through the years while the contoured shape adds strength and impact resistance. The panels will stand up to the sun, wind, rain, snow and more.


    • Much lighter than wood
    • Insulated backing
    • Resists mold, rot, mildew, termites and more
    • Impact resistant design
    • UV resistant coating

    Vinyl log siding offers a realistic looking and affordable way to have that log cabin appearance you’ve always envisioned.

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