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Products for DIY Man Cave Design

Man caves can be converted from a basement, garage, spare room or even a whole house in the case of the terminal bachelor - a perfect area to kick back and hang with the family or just "the boys".

When contemplating the design, you want to make sure that its walls reflect the cave dweller - rugged, masculine yet full of character. Man Caves, the hit show on the DIY Network featured products from Faux Panels® in an episode following the creation of the "Shanghai Cave", a modern basement infused with a little old-world Asian charm with the help of our barn board paneling.

The walnut stained panels were installed quickly and easily as wainscoting around the room, with faux wood trim added to create a polished looking transition to the top half of the wall. Even host Jason Cameron, a veteran contractor was whole-heartedly impressed with the panels' realistic look and fast installation. The pictures below show the project from beginning installation to final result.

In addition to possessing a highly realistic look, panel is composed of high-density polyurethane, a material that is hearty enough to last for years with little maintenance, yet lightweight enough to install yourself without professional assistance. The panels are particularly conducive to being installed in a basement setting as their closed-cell structure keeps moisture out.

Be the star of your own makeover show! See what Faux Panels® can do to help you realize the dream of your very own great looking man cave.

Our Customers say: owner Steve Barron with Man Caves host Tony Siragusa before getting to work.

Man Caves lead carpenter Jason Cameron poses with Steve and a faux wood beam from our sister site

The product seen on Man Caves – Oxford Barnboard faux wood panels were installed as wainscoting around the newly converted man cave.

Faux wood paneling is a perfect way to get the look of old-fashioned tongue-and-groove paneling without the hassles or headaches of termites, splinters, etc.
Oxford Panels
Featured on this episode of Man Caves, there's a reason we call Oxford Panels our classic go-to collection. Always reliably easy to install with a huge assortment of style options.
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Faux wood paneling is a perfect way to get the look of old-fashioned tongue-and-groove paneling without the hassles or headaches of termites, splinters, etc.
Woodland Panels
Woodland Panels mirror a classic tongue-and-groove look while their ¾ inch thick size adds to your home's insulation value. Staggered ends and 10 sq ft sections ensure an effortless installation.
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Giving Man Caves a rugged touch of stone and rock has never been simpler.
Windsor Panels
A great way to add a touch of stone or rock to your Man Cave designs. The light weight and DIY friendly design makes them a great choice for accent walls, wainscoting or giving a bar that finishing touch.
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Faux stone decorative panels create the appearance of rugged stacked stone in a variety of colors perfect for almost any interior design.
Wellington Panels
Wellington Panels' superior finish will make any man cave look like a professional creation without spending a fortune on a designer using real stone materials.
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Fake rock made from molds of the real thing looks authentic while polyurethane construction makes it easy to maintain
Regency Panels
Available in the rugged styles of Random Rock or Stacked Stone and a large range of color choices, Regency Panels will provide a stunningly masculine look without the fuss of real masonry.
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Faux stone siding creates professional looking results without the high costs or time required if you hired a stone mason
Norwich Panels
A sleek, easily accomplished installation is assured with Norwich Panels' distinct routered edges. Even on a limited budget, these faux stone panels will add a rich look to any room.
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Simulated brick and faux stone siding come in a variety of styles perfect for any interior design
Carlton Panels
Carlton faux brick or stone panels will provide any room with high-caliber style. With numerous pattern and color options, you'll be hard-pressed to find a stone mason that can give you this look so affordably.
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From simulated brick to faux stone, our decorative panels will trick everyone into believing you hired a professional stone mason.
Cambridge Panels
The Cambridge line is a robust collection of faux brick, rock and stone panels with neutral yet distinct shape and color selections for ultimate style flexibility.
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