MOUT Training Environments

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Faux Panels® for Realistic Urban Warfare Scenarios

MOUT scenarios can be quickly updated and enhanced using faux stone, rock or mud.

FAUX PANELS® are a cost-effective solution for covering Shipping Containers, Rapidly Deployable Units and Re-Locatable Habitat Units utilized for Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain (MOUT) training scenarios within the US Army, Navy and USMC. Made from durable high-density polymer, the panels feature a quick and easy installation to save time and money. They can be applied to any surface such as wood, metal, or glass simply with screws, magnets or adhesive.

Available in any size, texture, and color, all panels can be customized to your specifications. Some textures include drystack, stacked stone, river rock, brick and more.

Create realistic urban warfare training environments to keep soldiers prepped and ready while maximizing your training budgets by using these affordable, durable, weather-resistant panels.

All of our products have gone through rigorous testing such as heat cycling, salt spray resistance, freeze-thaw, humidity, adhesion, solvent resistance, water rub, and weathering. The panels are capable of withstanding all weather conditions for year-round training. Their maintenance-free design keep them looking realistic and impressive without needing any time or labor-intensive upkeep.

Shoot House Design for Military and Police Training

Shoot housing training utilized by Military and Police forces can give the edge needed to ensure safety in real life encounters. Realistic looking shoot houses will help prepare soldiers and officers by creating a controlled environment capable of mimicking numerous real word scenarios.

Utilizing our high-density polymer panels will facilitate the creation of realistic training environments. Recreate interior layouts for rural, urban, industrial and commercial building designs with ease.

Updating your shoot house plans to include our durable and lightweight panels is a budget-conscious decision. Not only are they capable of withstanding paintball munitions and take a beating but they clean up easily afterwards with soap and water. The maintenance free design coupled with its durability means there's no need for constant replacement due to damage and deterioration.

Any Texture Available

Faux mud panels used in MOUT training scenarios to imitate poor or rural Third World environments.
Artificial brick provide MOUT scenarios a cost effective way to create a realistic looking house.
Add realism to MOUT training by using faux stone molded from the real thing.
Faux sand adds durability and realism to structures in MOUT training environments.
MOUT training scenarios for tropical and humid subtropical regions benefit from the realism of faux bamboo panels.
Realistic looking barn wood panels for structure on a MOUT training environment.
Barn Wood
Diamond plate and rusted diamond plate perfectly imitate the walls of industrial buildings for MOUT scenarios.
Diamond Plate
Faux tree bark panels in MOUT training lets you recreate urban parks and gardens without needing plant care and maintenance
Tree Bark

Features & Benefits

  • Adds realism to MOUT training environments
  • Affordable, light weight, and installs fast
  • Customized to any size, texture, and color
  • Maintenance-free
  • Cuts with any wood cutting tool
  • Durable, weather-resistant design makes it usable all year round
  • Can be shot at with rubber bullets or paintballs
  • Firerated polyurethane panels available
  • Perfect for "Container-based" villages, RDUs (Rapidly Deployable Units), and RHUs (Re-Locatable Habitat Units) for a variety of urban warfare training scenarios.
  • Available in numerous designs, including mud, sand, concrete, diamond plate, rusted diamond plate, stone, rock, brick and more.


Our panels have completed the following tests:

  • Freeze Thaw Tests
  • Salt Spray Resistance
  • Humidity Tests
  • Water Immersion Test
  • Adhesion (Room Temperature)
  • Solvent Resistance Test
  • Water Rub Test
  • Weathering Tests
  • Fire Rating Tests
  • Thermal Cycling Tests
  • Wind Load Tests
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • UV Resistance
  • Heat Deflection