Norwich Colorado Stacked Stone Veneer Panels

  • $88.57 each panel
  • Model: NW-SS-PN-TB
  • Color: Taffy Beige
  • Production Time: Quick ship - Approx. 1 days to 4 days
    Standard - Approx. 1 to 4 weeks
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Specifications of Norwich Colorado Stacked Stone Taffy Beige Panel:

  • Model: NW-SS-PN-TB
  • Line: Norwich
  • Style: Colorado Stacked Stone
  • Color: Taffy Beige
  • Type: Panel
  • Edge Type: Interlocking
  • Firerating: Class A available for extra charge
  • Production Time: Quick ship - Approx. 1 days to 4 days
    Standard - Approx. 1 to 4 weeks
  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Overall Dimensions: 48 ¾" Wide × 24 " High × approx. 1 ¼" Thick
  • Coverage Dimensions: 43 " Wide × 23 " High
  • Coverage: Approx. 7.23 sq. ft.
  • Weight: Approx. 9 lbs 6 oz each panel
  • Suggested Amount of Caulk / Glue: 1 tube per 4 panels
  • Exterior Use: Weather Proof, near zero UV degradation
  • Interior Use: Highly Durable, increases R-value
  • Area price: Approx. $10.62 / sq.ft.
    based on overall dimensions
  • Coverage price: Approx. $12.25 / sq.ft.
    based on coverage dimensions
  • Price per pound: Approx. $9.42 / lb.
  • Ships From: Southeast Region

    Norwich Colorado Stacked Stone veneer panels offer a large variety of Standard and Premium color choices with an incredibly realistic look of stone to make your exterior and interior projects shine. These panels’ looks aren’t the only showstopper. A sturdy makeup of tough, lightweight polyurethane promises ease of installation and great long-term enjoyment. Routered edges guarantee a smooth, continuous finish.

    These panels won’t crack, peel or break down in any way under the influences of heat, moisture, sunlight, wind, and other climate conditions. Damage from pests and other forms of wear and tear is also of no concern.

    If your walls are drab and uninspired, your exterior needs a boost of curb appeal or your home is just ready for a fresh new look, Stacked Stone will deliver an instant shot of style. With so many colors to choose from, you’re sure to find one to complement your existing décor. Add light and warmth to a family room or fireplace, infuse a bathroom or entrance way with cool gray tones, create a bold, rugged look on your home’s exterior with earthy browns and tans.

    Whatever your color choice, the natural look of Stacked Stone will make a strong visual impression.

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