Faux Coral Stone Baseboard Molding

  • $35.62 each accessory
  • Model: NW-CS-BM-AG
  • Color: Aged
  • Production Time: Quick ship - Approx. 1 days to 4 days
    Standard - Approx. 1 to 4 weeks
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Specifications of Norwich Coral Stone Aged Base Molding:

  • Model: NW-CS-BM-AG
  • Line: Norwich
  • Style: Coral Stone
  • Color: Aged
  • Type: Base Molding
  • Firerating: Class A available for extra charge
  • Production Time: Quick ship - Approx. 1 days to 4 days
    Standard - Approx. 1 to 4 weeks
  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Overall Dimensions: 48" Long × 5" High × ¾" Deep
  • Weight: Approx. 1 lb 12 oz each accessory
  • Exterior Use: Weather Proof, near zero UV degradation
  • Interior Use: Highly Durable, increases R-value
  • Ships From: Southeast Region
    Our molding products install just like any other basic molding - just use a little glue on the back and fasten to the wall with screws or finishing nails.

    Norwich faux coral baseboard molding offers a unique way to give your interior room design plans a finished touch. It’s a lightweight, affordable, environmentally friendly and easy to install alternative to using real coral products. Made from polyurethane polymers, the molding is strong and made to look just like the real thing.

    The molding trim has a highly realistic texture including all the nooks and divots that make coral so unique and wonderful. Most people won’t be able to tell they aren’t the real deal. The polyurethane makeup also ensures it’s ultra-lightweight and extremely durable. Each piece is also more resistant to wear and tear, deterioration, chipping and other issues associated with stone.

    Using faux is an environmentally conscious choice. Harvesting coral can have adverse affects on waterways and seaside communities, especially when indiscriminately or illegally harvested. Using this alternative protects this natural resource, while still bringing home its beautiful look.


    • Realistic coral look and texture
    • Lighter than real stone
    • Perfect for interiors but durable enough for exteriors
    • Environmentally conscious choice
    • Great for DIY projects
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