Commercial Building Photos

As these customer photos demonstrate, no matter what business you’re in, your commercial building will benefit from faux panels®. Realistic looking stone, rock or brick style panels or siding is the perfect way to spruce up your storefront or showroom.

Faux is a cost-effective alternative for commercial applications. Traditional masonry can be heavy, expensive and time consuming to achieve. With faux panels® you get a great looking, lightweight option to make your commercial design noticeable.

The polyurethane material used in our panels stands up to the weather, wear and tear, deterioration, UV and more. Faux is a maintenance-free, no-hassle alternative, available in various designs, textures and colors for whatever your needs may be.


Modern office design gets a sophisticated look with artificial stone wall panels. 1. Novi Random Rock Desert Blend
Faux cobble stone creates an attractive column and exterior skirting, contrasting tan wood shingles. 2. Carlton Cobblestone Dakota Blend
A stage design uses fake rock panels combined with a water wheel to create a rustic look. 3. Carlton Cobblestone Dakota Blend
Faux stone wall paneling is a rustic backdrop for an old-fashioned stage setting. 4. Carlton Cobblestone Dakota Blend
5. Windsor Slatestone Brunswick Brown
6. Norwich Dakota Stonewall Fresco
Before and After
Faux drystack stone can hold up to tough weather conditions including wind, rain, and snow. 7. Windsor Stacked Stone Volcanic Gray
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