Photo Gallery: Horse Jumps

DIY horse jumps made of fake stone and brick are an easy way to build a gorgeous jumping circuit. Their lightweight polyurethane makeup makes them a breeze to install.

Columns for horse jump circuits are typically made of actual stone. Because of this, the circuits are very difficult to alter. Our columns, on the other hand, provide a solution to this problem. Making the jumps easy to lift and move, fake stone and brick give you the opportunity to change the design of your jump course whenever you wish.

The columns’ material also protects horses and jockeys, because it won’t hurt them on impact like real stone would. If hit, the jumps can be rebuilt easily.

Possessing the striking appearance of genuine stone, these columns will make your course look stunning. You’ll get the allure of a classic jumping circuit at an affordable cost, in much less time!

Horse Jumps

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DIY horse jumps are an easy way to give your jump course a classic look. HR1. Ashford River Rock Gray Post
DIY horse jumps make it safe for the horse and jockey during races. HR2. Ashford River Rock Calico Post
Fake stone horse jumps have the appeal of real stone without the hassle. HR3. Ashford River Rock Calico Post
DIY horse jumps make a jumping circuit look as nice as genuine stone does. HR4. Ashford River Rock Calico Post
Stone veneer horse jumps are easy to install, and make a great accent. HR5. Ashford River Rock Brown Post
Create a sophisticated jumping circuit with DIY horse jumps. HR6. Wellington Drystack Earth
HR7. Wellington River Rock Light Gray
Faux brick horse jumps let you build an attractive jumping course quickly. HR8. Nailon Brick Red Blend
DIY horse jumps made of artificial stone are indistinguishable from the real thing. HR9. Ashford Calico River Rock Post