Keystones and Trim Blocks

If your fireplace, door or window trim ideas call for the look of stone, our keystones and trim blocks can provide the perfect touch. You can create interesting architectural detail on an interior arched doorway or enhance exterior window casings to boost your home’s curb appeal.

Made from lightweight and durable polyurethane, the keystones and blocks are easy to handle and can be added anywhere. The material also won't fade, chip or crack and stands up to exterior elements with flying colors.

Take a look at these photos from past customers who’ve added the trim in various interior and exterior settings with beautiful, professional looking results.

Keystones and Trimblocks

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KS1. Norwich Colorado Stacked Stone Sierra Brown
Before and After
KS2. Universal Keystones
KS3. Universal Keystones
Before and After
KS4. Universal Keystones
Before and After
KS5. Universal Keystones
KS6. Universal Keystones
Faux stacked stone siding is a lightweight yet durable material that can hold up to the wear and tear of large crowds. KS7. Universal Keystones
KS8. Universal Keystones
Window keystones accent the faux stone used on this amusement park ticket booth. KS9. Universal Keystones
Faux wood and fake stone combine to give this booth a great new look. KS10. Universal Keystones
KS11. Universal Keystones
KS12. Universal Keystones
KS13. Universal Keystones
KS14. Universal Keystones
This interior stone accent wall surrounding the fireplace replaces the outdated paneling. KS15. Universal Keystones
Lightweight keystones are a great way to add architectural detail to a remodel. KS16. Universal Keystones
Fake stone fireplace panels bring a warm inviting feel to this renovated room. KS17. Universal Keystones
A close-up of this faux stone for interior walls shows just how realistic and authentic the stone looks. KS18. Universal Keystones
Arched window trim ideas with keystones can be used to create a parapet design. KS19. Universal Keystones
Window trim can be adorned with keystones and trim blocks in a variety of ways. KS20. Universal Keystones
There are many window trim ideas that can be created with keystones and trim blocks. KS21. Universal Keystones
Keystones and trim blocks are the best way to create an archway for your exterior design plans. KS22. Universal Keystones