Retaining Wall Design Gallery

The right retaining wall design can greatly enhance curb appeal and give your landscaping a fresh new look. Don’t get stuck with a drab concrete, wood or cinderblock wall that will detract from your exterior design. These rock, stone and brick style panels are an affordable and easy to install solution.

With a large variety of textures and colors to choose from, the panels offer the means for a retaining wall to beautifully complement your property. The panels are lightweight, DIY-friendly and can even be installed straight to cement using only construction adhesive. Get an amazingly professional look without needing to hire expensive build teams and masons or rent trucks and heavy machinery.

Take a look at some of the incredible examples of wall designs executed by past customers for your own ideas. Going from a boring look to head-turning visual appeal is easy when you “Go Faux”.

Retaining Walls

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RW1. Nailon Ledgestone Plus Rocky Mountain Clay
Before and After
RW2. Nailon Ledgestone Plus Rocky Mountain Clay
RW3. Regency Random Rock Earth
RW4. Regency Random Rock Earth
RW5. Regency Random Rock Earth
RW6. Carlton Castle Rock Desert Sky
Before and After
RW7. Carlton Castle Rock Desert Sky
Before and After
Building a retaining wall is easy to do with fake stone panels. RW8. Carlton Castle Rock Desert Sky
RW9. Carlton Castle Rock Desert Sky
RW10. Wellington River Rock Multicolor
RW11. Wellington River Rock Multicolor
Artificial river rock adds a beautiful look to this cement retaining wall. RW12. Wellington River Rock Multicolor
RW13. Wellington River Rock Multicolor
RW14. Wellington River Rock Multicolor
DIY retaining wall projects are made possible by artificial stone panels. RW15. Wellington River Rock Multicolor
Faux brick siding panels look naturally realistic in this outdoor setting. RW16. Carlton Brick Bordeaux
RW17. Carlton Brick Bordeaux
Exterior faux brick siding appears authentic even in this up-close photo. RW18. Carlton Brick Bordeaux
This fake brick wall looks naturally realistic and blends with the poolside décor. RW19. Carlton Brick Bordeaux
Miniature cobblestone columns add architectural design to the landscaping. RW20. Carlton Cobblestone Dakota Blend
Build a retaining wall with faux stone panels and you'll be pleased with the result.. RW21. Regency Stacked Stone Tudor
This faux stone retaining wall creates an attractive divide amongst the landscaping. RW22. Norwich Colorado Stacked Stone Desert Sand
The same faux stone for walls can also be used as exterior siding as seen on this home. RW23. Norwich Colorado Stacked Stone Desert Sand
Landscaping retaining walls made with stone veneer panels are a beautiful addition to your property design. RW24. Norwich Colorado Stacked Stone Desert Sand
RW25. Norwich Colorado Stacked Stone Desert Sand
Garden retaining wall design is a fun project when you use artificial slatestone panels. RW26. Windsor Slatestone Midnight Ash
Beautiful cobblestone accent walls on your booth will really draw attention. RW27. Carlton Cobblestone Summer Tan
Willoway Nurseries
Faux brick wallcovering creates a whimsical setting for this wishing well. RW28. Carlton Brick Bordeaux
Before and After