Versetta Stone (by Boral Stone®) Pictures

Boral Stone's Versetta panels deliver real stone veneer in two great styles, Random Rock and Ledgestone, with three beautiful color schemes. Its unique panelized design lets practically any structure have realistic stone masonry without the need for a team of builders. Plus, they install just like a conventional siding product except they’re real stone!

With their low weight and Class A fire rating, Versetta is the perfect choice as either interior or exterior stone panels. Made from a cement aggregate, they look and feel just like the real thing while only weighing ¼ of full thickness stone. Easily give your home, office or business real stone veneer without breaking the bank.

Click through our various home design pictures to see how Versetta panels can completely transform and revitalize your designs.

Some photos courtesy of Boral Stone NA.

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Random Rock | Ledgestone

Random Rock

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RA1. Drystack Earth
RA2. Drystack Earth
Before and After
Trade show wall panels display the unique design of our polyurethane random rock. RA3. Random Rock Plum Creek
RA4. Random Rock Plum Creek
Trade show walls/panels from can bring a dramatic flair to your next booth display. RA5. Random Rock Plum Creek
RA6. Random Rock Plum Creek
Faux rock house siding gives character and texture to the exterior of this home. RA7. Random Rock Tera Rose
Rock house siding of durable polyurethane works well at the base of this home & protects from unwanted pests. RA8. Random Rock Tera Rose
This polyurethane siding looks truly realistic against the natural wood door and white trim.
RA9. Random Rock Plum Creek
Stone veneer exterior siding looks like real stone, even in this up-close photo.
RA10. Random Rock Tera Rose can completely transform the look of your home as seen in these renovation photos.
RA11. Random Rock Tera Rose
Before and After brings a warm, inviting feel to the exterior of this home.
RA12. Random Rock Tera Rose
Faux panels® stone complements the wood trusses that support this homes' porch.
RA13. Random Rock Tera Rose
Home siding ideas, such as the one displayed here, are endless when using products from
RA14. Random Rock Tera Rose
Fake stone doorways are an affordable way to bring dramatic style to your home.
RA15. Random Rock Tera Rose
This exterior stone panel siding adds an attractive contrast to the existing gray siding.
RA16. Random Rock Tera Rose
Before and After


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This faux rock backsplash brings a warm texture to this inviting kitchen.
LE1. Ledgestone Plum Creek
Stone panels add visual cues that tie together the home design with the waterfall stone. LE2. Ledgestone Plum Creek
Accent walls made from faux rock are an affordable way to add a dramatic touch to the room.
LE3. Ledgestone Sterling
Eleanor Rigby's Bar
Faux skirting is used to surround this well maintained screened in porch.
LE4. Ledgestone Plum Creek
Mobile home faux skirting can be easily installed on any style of home, mobile or not.
LE5. Ledgestone Plum Creek
Rock skirting panels cover the existing brickwork on this home, giving it a more modern look.
LE6. Ledgestone Plum Creek
Stone outlet covers, such as this one, are an attractive way to surround your electrical outlets.
LE7. Ledgestone Sterling
Ledgestone panels accent the exterior of this home, allowing for a contrast in color and texture. LE8. Ledgestone Terra Rose
Ledgestone veneer panels highlight this attractive entranceway to the home. LE9. Ledgestone Terra Rose
Faux ledgestone is an affordable way to bring color and texture into the design of your home.
LE10. Ledgestone Terra Rose
Before and After
Faux ledgestone panels surrounding this doorway bring instant curb appeal to the home. LE11. Ledgestone Terra Rose
Before and After
Simulated stone siding panels bring dramatic results as seen in the before and after images.
LE12. Ledgestone Terra Rose
Before and After
Faux exterior stone siding wraps the base of this home offering a splash of contrast.
LE13. Ledgestone Plum Creek
Outdoor faux stone siding brings dramatic results to this home as seen in the before and after photo.
LE14. Ledgestone Plum Creek
Before and After
Stone siding panels are an affordably attractive way to re-invent the style of this home.
LE15. Ledgestone Plum Creek
Exterior faux stone siding is durable enough to withstand harsh weather and unwanted pests.
LE16. Ledgestone Plum Creek
Simulated stone siding enhances the style of this home, as seen in the before and after photo.
LE17. Ledgestone Plum Creek
Before and After
Stacked stone siding blends seamlessly with the beige siding and shingles on this home.
LE18. Ledgestone Plum Creek
Imitation rock siding amazingly changes the look of this home by adding color and texture.
LE19. Ledgestone Plum Creek
Before and After
Faux veneer stone siding surrounds this outdoor light fixture blending style with practicality.
LE20. Ledgestone Plum Creek
Stone siding made from faux materials offers texture to this attractive, multi-level home.
LE21. Ledgestone Plum Creek
Fake stone siding panels bring style and dimension to this ranch home.
LE22. Ledgestone Sterling
Before and After
LE23. Ledgestone Sterling
LE24. Ledgestone Sterling
LE25. Ledgestone Sterling
Imitation stone siding looks expensive, but is actually a very affordable way to re-invent your home.
LE26. Ledgestone Plum Creek
Exterior stone siding complements the stylish shutters on this stately home.
LE27. Ledgestone Plum Creek