Wainscoting Designs

Adding wainscoting to your walls or exterior is a simple and easy process to add character and beauty, cover unsightly exposed brick or concrete, or to bring together a design plan. Whether your home décor needs a small update or it’s undergoing a complete remodel, these wainscoting designs are easy to achieve with FauxPanels®.

Wainscoting, also called half wall paneling, can be added to the interior or exterior of your home to create a beautiful effect. Our wainscot panel choices are sure to stand up to wear and tear, deterioration, pests and insects, the weather and much more. If your home décor plans call for faux brick, rock or stone, we have many designs and colors to choose from.

Take a look at some of the pictures our customers sent in of wainscoting designs executed with our products on various homes and businesses. We’re certain you’ll find a texture and color scheme that will be perfect for your own project.

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Perfect corners are easy to create with artificial stone siding 1. Windsor Random Rock Sedona Red
Faux stone panels protect your home's siding while adding color and character. 2. Windsor Random Rock Sedona Red
Faux stone skirting around this home uses a similar color scheme as the window frames to accent their design. 3. Windsor Random Rock Sedona Red
Add variation to your exterior home design using random rock paneling. 4. Windsor Random Rock Tri-Gray
Panels which match and complement your home's siding are a good way to vary up your exterior design while keeping to a color scheme. 5. Windsor Random Rock Tri-Gray
Faux stone panels around the house mimic the colors of the rock garden lining their yard. 6. Windsor Random Rock Tri-Gray
Faux rock walls with a complementary color to the brown siding of this home add a unifying element. 7. Windsor Random Rock New England Mocha
Faux stone wall panels add a splash of color to this home's exterior face. 8. Windsor Random Rock Sedona Red
Adding wainscoting panels to your porch can create an inviting and homey feel. 9. Windsor Random Rock Tri-Gray
Wainscoting with fake rock along the outside of this building adds color and contrast to the gray siding. 10. Windsor Random Rock Tri-Gray
Faux stone veneer is an affordable way to add an interesting design element to your business. 11. Windsor Random Rock Tri-Buff
Artificial rock panel wainscoting is a great way to give your home or business a unique look. 12. Windsor Random Rock Tri-Buff
Fake rock siding for outside, along the base of your home can add a touch of character. 13. Windsor Random Rock Tri-Buff
14. Nailon Stone Wall Mojave
Before and After
Discontinued Product
15. Nailon Stone Wall Mojave
Discontinued Product
16. Norwich Kentucky Drystack Misty Morning
Before and Afer
17. Nailon Random Rock Desert Buff
Before and After
Discontinued Product
The faux stone framing the exterior of this business add interesting detail to the front entrance. 18. Windsor Random Rock Tri-Buff
19. Windsor Slatestone Brunswick Brown
20. Novi Stonewall Smoked Gray
Before and After
Fake stone as exterior panels create a wainscoting pattern on this house. 21. Windsor Random Rock Tri-Buff
Artificial stone veneer adds charm to this sample home display. 22. Windsor Random Rock Sedona Red
Stone skirting for mobile homes is used to unify and add pizazz to this gray and white exterior. 23. Oxford Riverstone Large Gray
Exterior faux rock siding helps transform the look of this home and bring curb appeal. 24. Norwich Carolina Random Rock Canyon Gray
Before and After
Simulated rock siding helps contrast the off-white paneling of this home. 25. Norwich Carolina Random Rock Canyon Gray
Before and After
26. Norwich Carolina Random Rock Canyon Gray
Before and After
Stacked stone faux panels® dress up exterior walls. 27. Norwich Colorado Stacked Stone Motley Gray
Artificial stone veneer works well with a stucco exterior. 28. Regency Random Rock Potomac
Faux stone exterior siding adds visual interest to this beige stucco wall. 29. Regency Random Rock Potomac
Fake rock decorative wall panels spruce up what would otherwise be bland white siding. 30. Regency Random Rock Potomac
These manufactured stone veneer siding panels dress up the white siding on this home. 31. Regency Random Rock Potomac
Brown fake stone skirting offsets stark white siding and green trim. 32. Regency Random Rock Potomac
Just a few faux stone siding panels can add a lot of flair. 33. Regency Stacked Stone Aspen
Stone veneer siding dresses up the exterior of any home. 34. Regency Random Rock Aspen
Fake wainscoting panels look just as good as real stone, upgrading your home's beauty. 35. Regency Stacked Stone Aspen
Stacked manufactured stone skirting adds beauty and design interest to this home's white siding. 36. Regency Stacked Stone Aspen
Fake stone veneers on one side of this house add curb appeal while staying cost effective. 37. Regency Stacked Stone Aspen
Artificial stone siding adds distinction to this commercial building. 38. Regency Stacked Stone Tudor
Carpet Superstores
Artificial rock siding panels complement the green-trimmed siding on this home.
39. Regency Stacked Stone Aspen
40. Regency Stacked Stone Aspen
Artificial rock panels frame this window to contrast the modern siding. 41. Regency Stacked Stone Aspen
Faux stone veneer exterior panels pair beautifully with cedar shingles and vinyl siding. 42. Regency Stacked Stone Ponderosa
Simulated stacked stone panels wrap these porch columns and lower walls to add visual interest. 43. Regency Stacked Stone Ponderosa
Stacked rock veneer wraps the lower level of this home. 44. Regency Stacked Stone Tudor
Stone veneer skirting dresses up this ranch house. 45. Regency Stacked Stone Tudor