Photo Gallery: Wellington Faux Panels®

Many home and commercial remodeling projects have greatly benefitted from the use of Wellington panels and columns. Browse through these photos of the Drystack Stone, River Rock and Reclaimed Barn Board styles in action – from fireplaces, kitchens and home exteriors to the walls of restaurants, clothing boutiques and large chain retail stores.

No matter where Wellington products are used, they add a natural warmth and eye-catching character. We're confident that their versatility will inspire creativity in your next design project.


Indoor stone wall panels add a warm look to this renovation project. 1. Drystack Earth
Stacked stone veneer panels blend with the landscaping of this building. 2. Drystack Earth
Exterior faux stone siding panels highlight this renovation. 3. Drystack Earth
Simulated stone siding adds texture and contrast to this exterior remodeling and landscaping. 4. Drystack Earth
This faux dry stack stone fireplace adds the look of a rustic rock wall to this deck renovation. 5. Drystack Earth
Interior artificial stone panels surrounding this fireplace bring a feeling of the outdoors. 6. Drystack Earth
Before and After
Accent wall ideas can complement focal points like fireplaces and artwork making them pop. 7. Drystack Earth
Before and After
This stacked stone siding will fool your neighbors into thinking you got the real thing. 8. Drystack Quarry Gray
Fake rock siding panels were used in this simple remodel as seen in the before and after photos. 9. Drystack Earth
Before and After
This stacked faux stone siding provides the look of stonewalls without the expense or hassle of a stone mason. 10. Drystack Earth
Interior stone veneer panels cover boring tile in this corner fireplace adding a homey, rustic look. 11. Drystack Earth
Before and After
Manufactured stone accent walls provide a variation on your room design which can add character. 12. Drystack Tierra Gold
Interior dry stack stone delivers dramatic results in this simple renovation project. 13. Drystack Sand
Fake stone paneling creates visual interest when accented by stylish lighting. 14. Drystack Sand
Before and After
Installing fake rock paneling was an easy DIY project that added major visual impact to this TV room. 15. Drystack Sand
Before and After
Manufactured stone wall panels bring a traditional look to TV storage. 16. Drystack Earth
Before and After
Faux rock siding panels add style and character to this entranceway. 17. Drystack Quarry Gray
House siding ideas that use faux stone, as seen here, can completely transform the exterior of your home. 18. Drystack Quarry Gray
Before and After
This stone look siding blends naturally with the existing shingles and roofing. 19. Drystack Quarry Gray
Faux stone mobile home skirting adds a polished look around this shed. 20. Drystack Earth
Before and After
Check out manufactured stone veneer panels in these before and after photos. 21. Drystack Earth
Before and After
Faux stacked stone columns easily dress up the entrance of this office. 22. Drystack Quarry Gray
Fleetwood Homes
Stacked stone veneer was used by homeowners to add visual interest to the stucco walls. 23. Drystack Tierra Gold
Synthetic stone panels spruce up the columns and exterior of this ranch home. 24. Drystack Tierra Gold
Fauxstone panels are an affordable way to bring a natural look to this commercial design. 25. Drystack Tierra Gold
Stone wall siding panels create a great display and checkout counter for this fast food restaurant. 26. Drystack Tierra Gold
27. Drystack Espresso
28. Drystack Espresso
Before and After
29. Drystack Quarry Gray
30. River Rock Multicolor
Before and After
31. River Rock Multicolor
32. River Rock Multicolor
33. River Rock Light Gray
34. River Rock Multicolor
35. River Rock Multicolor
36. River Rock Multicolor
Before and After
37. River Rock Multicolor
Before and After
38. River Rock Multicolor
Before and After
39. River Rock Multicolor
Before and After
40. River Rock Multicolor
41. River Rock Multicolor
42. River Rock Multicolor
Rock panels made from faux materials bring a stylish look to the exterior of this home. 43. River Rock Tan
Before and After
The fake rock panels used on this home blend well with the brick exterior. 44. River Rock Tan
Tips on how to install rock siding, as shown here, can be to use simple construction glue. 45. River Rock Tan