Photo Gallery: Wellington Faux Panels®

Many home and commercial remodeling projects have greatly benefitted from the use of Wellington panels and columns. Browse through these photos of the Drystack Stone, River Rock and Reclaimed Barn Board styles in action – from fireplaces, kitchens and home exteriors to the walls of restaurants, clothing boutiques and large chain retail stores.

No matter where Wellington products are used, they add a natural warmth and eye-catching character. We're confident that their versatility will inspire creativity in your next design project.


Rock panels made from faux materials bring a stylish look to the exterior of this home. 1. River Rock Tan
Faux rock walls, as seen here, can bring a rustic feel to any room. 2. River Rock Light Gray
This faux rock wall covering brings an element of nature inside the home. 3. River Rock Light Gray
Interior rock panels create dramatic results with hassle-free installation. 4. River Rock Light Gray
River rock panels add a rustic yet whimsical touch to this home. 5. River Rock Multicolor
Faux rock paneling helps to conceal warped and worn wood siding on this home. 6. River Rock Multicolor
Before and After
River rock veneer on the first floor of this home provides a charming backdrop for these porch pillars 7. River Rock Tan
River rock stone panels on the first floor contrast gracefully with traditional siding on the second floor and bring out the beauty of the porch pillars. 8. River Rock Tan
9. Drystack Quarry Gray
10. Drystack Quarry Gray
11. Drystack Quarry Gray
12. Drystack Quarry Gray
13. Drystack Espresso
14. Drystack Espresso
15. Drystack Espresso
16. Drystack Espresso
17. Drystack Espresso
18. Drystack Earth
19. Drystack Earth
20. Drystack Earth
21. Drystack Earth
22. Drystack Earth
23. Drystack Earth
24. Drystack Earth
25. Drystack Quarry Gray
A faux stone chimney adds to the much needed facelift of this home's exterior. 26. Drystack Tierra Gold
Before and After
Faux stone pillars and faux wood beams bring the look of a rustic home to this trade show display. 27. Drystack Tierra Gold
These stone pillars made from faux materials give a grounded style to this display. 28. Drystack Tierra Gold
29. Drystack Tierra Gold
The fake stone pillars shown here look unbelievably realistic even when used indoors at a trade show. 30. Drystack Tierra Gold
31. Drystack Espresso
32. Drystack Espresso
Using stacked stone panels, this home renovator created a columned archway that brings texture to the room. 33. Drystack Tierra Gold
Stone veneer columns bring a classic, traditional look to the exterior of this home. 34. Drystack Earth
Faux columns are an affordable solution to transforming the look of your home. 35. Drystack Earth
This faux stone mailbox column brings a sense of style to the home's entranceway. 36. Drystack Earth
Before and After
The stone column wrap seen here adds elegance and curb appeal to this home. 37. Drystack Sand
Faux column wraps are durable enough to withstand some of the harshest elements of nature. 38. Drystack Sand
39. Drystack Sand
Column wraps are a simple touch that can completely transform the look of your home. 40. Drystack Sand
41. Drystack Earth
Interior column wraps made from faux stone add style to this casual family room. 42. Drystack Earth
43. Drystack Sand
Garfield Centre
44. Drystack Earth
These stone columns made from polyurethane are an affordable alternative to real stone. 45. Drystack Earth