Photo Gallery: Wellington Faux Panels®

Many home and commercial remodeling projects have greatly benefitted from the use of Wellington panels and columns. Browse through these photos of the Drystack Stone, River Rock and Reclaimed Barn Board styles in action – from fireplaces, kitchens and home exteriors to the walls of restaurants, clothing boutiques and large chain retail stores.

No matter where Wellington products are used, they add a natural warmth and eye-catching character. We're confident that their versatility will inspire creativity in your next design project.


Wall panels made from durable polyurethane not only look realistic but are easy to cut and install. 1. Drystack Sand
This faux rock wall blends seamlessly with the existing décor of the home. 2. Drystack Sand
Before and After
Offering siding that looks like stone but without the high cost of the real thing and expensive installation. 3. Drystack Espresso
Check out these home bar plans and ideas that incorporate faux panels® into the creative design. 4. Drystack Sand
This faux fireplace stone acts as a focal point for the room. 5. Drystack Sand
Before and After
Fireplace panels made from faux stone can completely transform the look of an outdated fireplace. 6. Drystack Sand
Before and After
Rock panel siding from® greatly enhances the exterior of this home. 7. Drystack Earth
Before and After
These vinyl stone siding panels make for a true transformation as seen in the before and after pictures. 8. Drystack Earth
Before and After
This artificial stone siding does a superb job of masking this unsightly concrete foundation. 9. Drystack Earth
Before and After
Rock siding made from durable polyurethane can withstand even the harshest weather. 10. Drystack Earth
Before and After
Vinyl stone siding can save the homeowner a great amount of money when renovating. 11. Drystack Earth
Stone siding panels for homes made from faux materials are a great alternative to using real stone. 12. Drystack Earth
Faux stone siding panels add an element of sophistication to the design of this home. 13. Drystack Espresso
Rock siding panels made from durable polyurethane materials are virtually weatherproof. 14. Drystack Espresso
This vinyl siding that looks like stone blends seamlessly with the outdoor landscaping. 15. Drystack Espresso
Fake stone columns can look truly original and play an important role in exterior home design. 16. Drystack Espresso
Fake stone siding provides architectural interest to this landscaping project. 17. Drystack Earth
Albertville Airport
Fake stone panels complete the room in this home remodel. 18. Drystack Earth
Stone veneers were used in this home renovation project. 19. Drystack Earth
A manufactured stone accent wall can draw attention to focal points and fixtures of a room. 20. Drystack Earth
Before and After
Indoor faux stone panels create an equipment table that blends in with the wall. 21. Drystack Earth
Outdoor paneling made from faux stone brings a natural look to this impressive outdoor kitchen. 22. Drystack Earth
Before and After
Exterior faux stone creates a stylish setting for this outdoor kitchen. 23. Drystack Earth
Before and After
This faux rock fireplace brings a bold focal point to the room. 24. Drystack Tierra Gold
Before and After
Before-and-after photos demonstrate how easy it is to shift from a cool modern design to a more warm, inviting look with our manufactured stone veneer. 25. Drystack Earth
Before and After
Tina's Favorite(Customer Service Rep.)
Kitchen backsplash ideas show how task lighting paired with faux stone can create a dramatic effect 26. Drystack Quarry Gray
Before and After
Shari's Favorite(Customer Service Rep.)
These faux stone panels for fireplaces can be purchased with a special fire rated coating. 27. Drystack Tierra Gold
28. Drystack Earth
29. Drystack Earth
Before and After
30. Drystack Earth
These interior stone wall panels blend seamlessly with the décor of the home. 31. Drystack Earth
This interior stone wall made from polyurethane brings texture and style to the home. 32. Drystack Earth
The interior faux stone shown here, drystack earth, definitely brings an earthy element to the décor. 33. Drystack Earth
This stone paneling made from polyurethane is durable yet easy to cut and install. 34. Drystack Earth
35. Drystack Earth
This fake stone fireplace dramatically changes the feel of the room bringing a more casual, earthy tone. 36. Drystack Earth
Before and After
Installing these faux interior columns yourself is a big payoff for a small amount of work. 37. Drystack Earth
Imitation stone panels can be creatively used throughout the home as shown here. 38. Drystack Earth
Before and After
Faux rock panels are a durable yet flexible alternative to using real rock in home makeovers. 39. Drystack Earth
Before and After
40. Drystack Canyon
Before and After
41. Drystack Earth
Before and After
Faux stone wall cladding can be used on the interior or exterior of the home to bring architectural flair. 42. Drystack Earth
Before and After
This fake rock wall blends with the décor of the home thanks to the designers of Extreme Makeover. 43. Drystack Earth
These wall panels for bedroom look surprisingly realistic though are made from faux polyurethane. 44. Drystack Earth
These stone wall coverings from faux are lightweight and durable, making them great for commercial displays. 45. Drystack Saddle Beige