Photo Gallery: Wellington Faux Panels®

Many home and commercial remodeling projects have greatly benefitted from the use of Wellington panels and columns. Browse through these photos of the Drystack Stone, River Rock and Reclaimed Barn Board styles in action – from fireplaces, kitchens and home exteriors to the walls of restaurants, clothing boutiques and large chain retail stores.

No matter where Wellington products are used, they add a natural warmth and eye-catching character. We're confident that their versatility will inspire creativity in your next design project.


Faux veneer stone panels help bring a natural tone to this display. 1. Drystack Saddle Beige
Fake stone veneer is used to create this retail display at an event. 2. Drystack Saddle Beige
Dry stack columns made from faux materials bring an element of texture to this home. 3. Drystack Earth
4. Drystack Earth
Artificial stone decoratively surrounds this stone glass business sign. 5. Drystack Earth
This stone look vinyl siding is made from durable, long-lasting polyurethane materials. 6. Drystack Earth
The dry stack stone installation process is quick and hassle-free. 7. Drystack Earth
8. Drystack Sand
Garfield Centre
These faux rock panels for fireplace fit well over the existing brick. 9. Drystack Tierra Gold
Manufactured stone accent walls can add contrast making other elements more bold. 10. Drystack Sand
Before and After
These rock panels for exterior decking blend the seamlessly into the landscaping. 11. Drystack Earth
Exterior faux stone siding doubles as a wall and seating for this outdoor firepit. 12. Drystack Earth
Before and After
The faux stone exterior paneling seen here provides a natural setting to blend the home with the outdoors. 13. Drystack Earth
Before and After
Exterior siding panels work well as a surrounding for this outdoor stove. 14. Drystack Tierra Gold
Exterior faux stone veneer is easy to cut and fit around the small appliances of this outdoor kitchen. 15. Drystack Tierra Gold
Exterior stone panels fit seamlessly around the frame for this patio kitchen. 16. Drystack Tierra Gold
Before and After
The stone veneer panels for exterior surfaces used in this outdoor kitchen bring a natural look. 17. Drystack Tierra Gold
Before and After
These interior stone panels help bring style to this kitchenette. 18. Drystack Earth
Before and After
Home bar ideas come to life when using faux stone as your backdrop. 19. Drystack Earth
Faux rock exterior siding as an accent wall creates an attractive entranceway. 20. Drystack Earth
Before and After
Fake rock wall panels used on this stairwell adds beauty and holds up to routine wear better than painted drywall. 21. Drystack Quarry Gray
This stone accent wall made from manufactured materials portrays contrast with this ornamental shelf. 22. Drystack Espresso
A faux stone accent wall brings character and texture to the room. 23. Drystack Espresso
Bathroom showers with faux stone are affordable, durable and elegant. 24. Drystack Espresso
Create gorgeous bathroom showers for less by using artificial stone instead of the real thing. 25. Drystack Espresso
Before and After
Faux stone exterior siding gives this garage the rich look of genuine stone. 26. Drystack Earth
With this stonewall siding, only your contractor will know you used faux stone, instead of a stone mason. 27. Drystack Earth
Synthetic stone siding brings style to this patio landscaping. 28. Drystack Earth
Before-and-after photos show the transition from a bland wall to a cozy, rustic look with our faux stone interior wall panels. 29. Drystack Tierra Gold
Before and After
30. Drystack Espresso
Before and After
31. Drystack Espresso
32. Drystack Espresso
This stacked stone accent wall brings lighting and depth to the room. 33. Drystack Sand
Creative stone accent wall ideas are visually displayed in this family room. 34. Drystack Sand
Before and After
Stone accent walls are used here to display art and provide a visually stimulating focal point. 35. Drystack Sand
Before and After
Home bar design plans that incorporate faux stone bring together a functional, modern bar. 36. Dry Stack Quarry Gray
Check out pictures of home bars that combine faux stone with the modern look of stainless steel. 37. Drystack Sand
Build a better wet bar with our fake stone panels. 38. Drystack Sand
Vinyl faux stone siding lends a solid appearance to this home design show display. 39. Drystack Sand
Decorative rock faux panels® bring rustic charm to this winery's visitor entrance. 40. Drystack Earth
Faux stone panels for interior walls are used behind this wine bar. 41. Drystack Earth
This faux stone wall panel creates a natural backdrop for this winery's visitor center. 42. Drystack Earth
Interior rock wall panels bring texture and rustic style to the entrenceway of this winery. 43. Drystack Earth
Liz's Favorite(Customer Service Rep.)
Artificial stone panels add a charming design element to the tasting room of this winery. 44. Drystack Earth
Vinyl stone panels look truly authentic yet are easily cut to fit around electrical outlets and cabinets. 45. Drystack Earth