Photo Gallery: Windsor Faux Panels®

The appealing, natural quality of the Windsor line of panels and columns works equally well for designs both indoors and outdoors. With durability and astonishingly authentic-looking color and stone texture detail, Windsor can transform homes and commercial spaces – on a foundation, exterior, fireplace area, front porch and more.

The wall panels and columns combine the amazing simulation of real stone and rock with an easy installation and very little maintenance. They’re also made to last; their material highly resistant to damage from moisture, sunlight, insects and other causes of wear and tear.

Take a look at these photos of Windsor installations completed by past customers, and see what might be in store for your project!


Artificial rock panel wainscoting is a great way to give your home or business a unique look.
1. Random Rock Tri Buff
Exterior faux stone veneer can truly enhance and bring curb appeal to your home.
2. Random Rock Tri Gray
Adding faux stone panels outside can dramatically increase the value and look of your home.
3. Random Rock New England Mocha
Before and After
Faux stone veneer is an affordable way to add an interesting design element to your business. 4. Random Rock Tri Buff
Exterior faux rock panels and corners can make your business look brighter and livelier.
5. Random Rock Tri Buff
Stone siding adds a unique quality to this garage. 6. Random Rock Tri Gray
7. Random Rock New England Mocha
Before and After
Choosing faux stone panels for your exterior home remodel plans can make your house look fresh and brand new. 8. Random Rock New England Mocha
Before and After
Using differing colors of faux rock panels to accent adjoining walls helps move the eye across this fountain. 9. Random Rock Tri Buff
Decorative rock paneling and window trim form a completed look. 10. Random Rock Tri Gray
Wainscoting with fake rock along the outside of this building adds color and contrast to the gray siding.
11. Random Rock Tri Gray
Exterior siding with fake rock is easy to install and affordable enough to panel your whole home. 12. Random Rock Tri Buff
Adding wainscoting panels to your porch can create an inviting and homey feel. 13. Random Rock Tri Gray
Random rock wall can add the look of professional masonry to your home exterior without the time or cost. 14. Random Rock Tri Gray
Stone veneer panels are a great way to personalize prefab houses for a low cost. 15. Random Rock Tri Gray
Artificial rock panels with faux stone ledgers completes the layout and makes a great finishing touch. 16. Random Rock Tri Gray
Chimneys and faux panels® are a great match when updating the look of your home. 17. Random Rock Tri Gray
Faux stone wall panels add a splash of color to this home's exterior face. 18. Random Rock Sedona Red
Faux rock walls with a complementary color to the brown siding of this home add a unifying element. 19. Random Rock New England Mocha
Faux stone panels can even help to make this storage unit have a more inviting and less utilitarian feel. 20. Random Rock Tri Buff
Faux stone panels around the house mimic the colors of the rock garden lining their yard. 21. Random Rock Tri Gray
Panels which match and complement your home's siding are a good way to vary up your exterior design while keeping to a color scheme. 22. Random Rock Tri Gray
Even a small amount of paneling around your home can break up a monotonous design and create an eye-catching accent. 23. Random Rock Tri Gray
Add variation to your exterior home design using random rock paneling. 24. Random Rock Tri Gray
Adding faux stone panels to this home not only adds character but accents the stone and flowers of their garden. 25. Random Rock Desert Buff
Stone veneer gives this porch seating areaa an inviting and comfotable atmosphere. 26. Random Rock Tri Buff
Artificial rock panels on this home mimic the look of their rock lined pond. 27. Random Rock Desert Buff
Faux stone panels protect your home's siding while adding color and character. 28. Random Rock Sedona Red
Fake rock paneling for walls nicely frames a double garage 29. Random Rock Sedona Red
Perfect corners are easy to create with artificial stone siding 30. Random Rock Sedona Red
Faux stone panels add a dash of color to beige siding 31. Random Rock Sedona Red
Artificial stone paneling so real, everyone will believe you hired a mason 32. Random Rock Sedona Red
Adding faux brick or stone to your chimney is a simple way to brighten up your home’s exterior. 33. Random Rock Sedona Red
Manufactured stone mobile skirting adds curb appeal to a tradtional home 34. Random Rock Sedona Red
Artifical rock exterior paneling tidies up any exterior 35. Random Rock Sedona Red
Faux stone veneer can be used to create new fireplace designs. 36. Random Rock Tri Gray
Rock veneer protects and improves a front porch 37. Random Rock Desert Buff
Fake rock panels used as porch wainscoting is practically perfect for protecting your porch from pests and damage 38. Random Rock Desert Buff
Faux rock exterior panels are a lovely backdrop for adorable petunias 39. Random Rock Sedona Red
Gray artificial rock paneling adds a pretty contrast to yellow vinyl siding 40. Random Rock Tri Gray
Rock veneer is a lovely way to protect any structure from bangs, dings, wear and tear 41. Random Rock Tri Gray
Fake rock exterior panels give this home rugged good looks 42. Random Rock Tri Buff
Artificial rock is a pretty way to protect a home from the elements and pests. 43. Random Rock Tri Buff
Manufactured rock on this home's foundation and accent wall creates a harmonious look that also protects it from the elements. 44. Random Rock Tri Buff
Rock veneer protects this home's foundation 45. Random Rock New England Mocha