Photo Gallery: Windsor Faux Panels®

The appealing, natural quality of the Windsor line of panels and columns works equally well for designs both indoors and outdoors. With durability and astonishingly authentic-looking color and stone texture detail, Windsor can transform homes and commercial spaces – on a foundation, exterior, fireplace area, front porch and more.

The wall panels and columns combine the amazing simulation of real stone and rock with an easy installation and very little maintenance. They’re also made to last; their material highly resistant to damage from moisture, sunlight, insects and other causes of wear and tear.

Take a look at these photos of Windsor installations completed by past customers, and see what might be in store for your project!


A carriage light shines on fake stone siding 1. Random Rock Tri Gray
Faux rock siding prevents the stucco walls from visually blending into the sidewalk. 2. Random Rock New England Mocha
This column wrap made from durable polyurethane looks like authentic stone and can hold up to harsh weather. 3. Random Rock Tri Buff
Faux stone siding panels accent large display windows 4. Random Rock Tri Gray
Synthetic stone panels accent a forward-set window 5. Random Rock Tri Buff
Faux stone paneling trims a garage and stairwell 6. Random Rock Sedona Red
Faux stone walls surround the entrance of these town homes 7. Random Rock Tri Buff
Fake rock siding in southwest-style colors pairs nicely with red wood trim 8. Random Rock Sedona Red
Stone wall panels balance the vinyl siding in the home's exterior 9. Random Rock Tri Gray
Fake rock siding trims the lower portion of this building 10. Random Rock Tri Gray
Drystack rock beautifully frames a porch, giving it a lovely, low-maintenance look.
11. Random Rock Tri-Buff
A beautiful yard with a beautiful fake stone wall in the background 12. Random Rock Tri Buff
Faux rock skirting frames a home 13. Random Rock Tri Buff
Enhance your exterior home design ideas with a touch of simulated stone. 14. Random Rock Tri Buff
Fake stone wall panels used to make columns create a rustic-Texas ranch-style entrance 15. Random Rock Tri Gray
Stage design isn’t limited to interior use. Faux wood wall panels and fake rock panels combine to create a country-style concert setting. 16. Random Rock Tri Gray
Faux stone wall panels are the modern way to get a medieval look at a Renaissance  Fair. 17. Random Rock Tri Buff
A fake stone wall is the backdrop for this address marker 18. Random Rock Tri Buff
Fake rock exterior siding is the perfect way to protect your home and improve its appearance without breaking the bank. 19. Random Rock Tri Buff
Faux stone skirting is picture postcard pretty on this rustic home 20. Random Rock Tri Gray
Stone wall cladding is perfectly paired with traditional shutters and vertical siding. 21. Random Rock Sedona Red
A faux stone pillar, mailbox and address marker combine for multi-purpose beauty. 22. Random Rock Sedona Red
Artificial rock exterior paneling showcases these windows beautifully 23. Random Rock Tri Gray
Stone veneer panels change the appearance of any home's exterior 24. Random Rock Tri Gray
Get a gorgeous front entrance quickly with manufactured stone veneer 25. Random Rock Desert Buff
Manufactured stone veneer wraps a wall and column 26. Random Rock Tri Buff
Quick curb appeal from fake rock siding. 27. Random Rock Tri Buff
Manufactured stone veneer alternates attractively with vinyl siding to spruce up a suburban home 28. Random Rock Tri Buff
Faux rock siding combines well with stucco to add visual interest to a commercial building 29. Random Rock Tri Buff
Stone wall cladding is a good way to dress up the appearance of a vertically sided building 30. Random Rock Tri Buff
Artificial rock mobile home skirting can be used to protect and beautify any exterior. 31. Random Rock Tri Gray
Faux stone skirting adds pizzazz to a window design 32. Random Rock New England Mocha
Faux stone exterior siding is a quick way to get a new look for this home's entrance 33. Random Rock Tri Buff
Drystacked stone wall in warm Santa Fe colors adds a dash of style to an inset fireplace 34. Ledgestone Santa Fe Adobe
Faux veneer panels make an attractive entranceway displayed at this trade show.
35. Ledgestone Mountain Shadow
Ledgestone made from faux materials looks truly realistic even in changing shadows and light.
36. Ledgestone Western Taupe
Faux siding for houses such as this one, add color and texture to the home's exterior.
37. Ledgestone Durango Red
This faux fireplace rock creates a stunning outdoor setting for entertaining guests. 38. Windsor Ledgestone Carolina Cocoa
Comfortable outdoor living spaces are easy to create using faux panel designs. 39. Ledgestone Carolina Cocoa
40. Slatestone Mojave
41. Slatestone Mojave
42. Slatestone Pewter
43. Slatestone Pewter
44. Slatestone Midnight Ash
45. Slatestone Midnight Ash