Photo Gallery: Windsor Faux Panels®

The appealing, natural quality of the Windsor line of panels and columns works equally well for designs both indoors and outdoors. With durability and astonishingly authentic-looking color and stone texture detail, Windsor can transform homes and commercial spaces – on a foundation, exterior, fireplace area, front porch and more.

The wall panels and columns combine the amazing simulation of real stone and rock with an easy installation and very little maintenance. They’re also made to last; their material highly resistant to damage from moisture, sunlight, insects and other causes of wear and tear.

Take a look at these photos of Windsor installations completed by past customers, and see what might be in store for your project!


1. Drystack Santa Fe Adobe
Drystacking stone protects a foundation from every day wear, and spruces up an entrance 2. Drystack Kentucky Gray
Dry stack stone wall looks great capped by a faux stone ledge, highlighting a classic white framed door 3. Drystack Kentucky Gray
The dry stacked rock panels seen here show off just how clean and authentic the edging can be.
4. Drystack Santa Fe Adobe
Draw attention to your exhibit design and make your products stand out. 5. Drystack Carolina Cocoa
Drystack manufactured stone panels looks as great outdoors as it does indoors and resists weather 6. Drystack Carolina Cocoa
Decorative stone columns complete this cozy corner designed for conversation on the set of 7. Dry Stack Western Taupe
The Apprentice
Drystack faux rock panels and full-length drapes are a perfect contrasting backdrop of soft versus hard 8. Dry Stack Western Taupe
The Apprentice
Drystack faux panels® look like genuine stone while accenting a media area on 9. Dry Stack Western Taupe
The Apprentice
Faux rock panels are much easier to work with than the real thing when it comes to mounting a shelf and a shadow box. 10. Dry Stack Western Taupe
The Apprentice
Drystack faux panels® play counterpoint to oversized windows on the set of 11. Dry Stack Western Taupe
The Apprentice
This decorative stone wall panel creates a beautiful accent on this stage set.
12. Dry Stack Western Taupe
The Apprentice
Drystack stone accents are the perfect touch to finish this stylish room for the TV show 13. Dry Stack Western Taupe
The Apprentice
Rock panel columns create a dramatic sitting area and art showcase.
14. Dry Stack Western Taupe
The Apprentice
Drystacked stone wall in warm Santa Fe colors adds a dash of style to an inset fireplace 15. Ledgestone Santa Fe Adobe
Faux veneer panels make an attractive entranceway displayed at this trade show.
16. Ledgestone Mountain Shadow
Ledgestone made from faux materials looks truly realistic even in changing shadows and light.
17. Ledgestone Western Taupe
Faux siding for houses such as this one, add color and texture to the home's exterior.
18. Ledgestone Durango Red
This faux fireplace rock creates a stunning outdoor setting for entertaining guests. 19. Windsor Ledgestone Carolina Cocoa
Comfortable outdoor living spaces are easy to create using faux panel designs. 20. Ledgestone Carolina Cocoa
These stone panels for exterior walls work great on commercial buildings due to their durability. 21. Ledgestone Western Taupe
Pittman Propane Gas
22. Slatestone Mojave
23. Slatestone Mojave
24. Slatestone Pewter
25. Slatestone Pewter
26. Slatestone Midnight Ash
27. Slatestone Midnight Ash
28. Slatestone Midnight Ash
29. Slatestone Brunswick Brown
30. Slatestone Brunswick Brown
31. Slatestone Mojave
Legacy Ridge Golf Club
32. Slatestone Midnight Ash
33. Slatestone Rocky Mountain Graphite
34. Slatestone Pewter
35. Slatestone Pewter
36. Slatestone Midnight Ash
37. Slatestone Brunswick Brown
38. Slatestone Mojave
39. Slatestone Pewter
40. Slatestone Mojave
41. Slatestone Midnight Ash
42. Slatestone Midnight Ash
43. Slatestone Midnight Ash
44. Slatestone Brunswick Brown
45. Slatestone Brunswick Brown