Photo Gallery: Windsor Faux Panels®

The appealing, natural quality of the Windsor line of panels and columns works equally well for designs both indoors and outdoors. With durability and astonishingly authentic-looking color and stone texture detail, Windsor can transform homes and commercial spaces – on a foundation, exterior, fireplace area, front porch and more.

The wall panels and columns combine the amazing simulation of real stone and rock with an easy installation and very little maintenance. They’re also made to last; their material highly resistant to damage from moisture, sunlight, insects and other causes of wear and tear.

Take a look at these photos of Windsor installations completed by past customers, and see what might be in store for your project!


1. Slatestone Midnight Ash
2. Slatestone Brunswick Brown
3. Slatestone Brunswick Brown
4. Slatestone Pewter
5. Slatestone Mojave
Legacy Ridge Golf Club
6. Slatestone Midnight Ash
7. Slatestone Rocky Mountain Graphite
8. Slatestone Pewter
9. Slatestone Pewter
10. Slatestone Midnight Ash
11. Slatestone Brunswick Brown
12. Slatestone Mojave
13. Slatestone Pewter
14. Slatestone Mojave
15. Slatestone Midnight Ash
16. Slatestone Midnight Ash
17. Slatestone Midnight Ash
18. Slatestone Brunswick Brown
19. Slatestone Brunswick Brown
20. Slatestone Brunswick Brown
21. Slatestone Pewter
22. Slatestone Pewter
23. Slatestone Brunswick Brown
24. Slatestone Canyon
25. Slatestone Midnight Ash
26. Slatestone Pewter
27. Slatestone Midnight Ash
28. Slatestone Mojave
29. Slatestone Midnight Ash
30. Slatestone Mojave
31. Slatestone Mojave
32. Slatestone Mojave
This rock for fireplace facing brings out a rustic, earthy tone in the room. 33. Slatestone Brunswick Brown
This faux stone wine cellar seems as if it were part of an old world European castle.
34. Slatestone Mojave
35. Slatestone Mojave
36. Slatestone Brunswick Brown
These faux exterior stone panels are creatively used on this dome-style greenhouse. 37. Slatestone Pewter
Veneer stone made from durable polyurethane surrounds this unique greenhouse. 38. Slatestone Pewter
These outdoor fake stone walls serve as an attractive backdrop for this hotel fountain. 39. Slatestone Midnight Ash
La Quinta Inns & Suites
Faux porch columns add style and sophistication to this trendy outdoor porch.
40. Slatestone Midnight Ash
41. Slatestone Midnight Ash
42. Slatestone Midnight Ash
Faux rock siding for houses, such as the one shown here, can be an affordable way to add curb appeal.
43. Slatestone Brunswick Brown
Faux stone trailer skirting can be used on homes with concrete foundations, such as the one displayed here.
44. Slatestone Pewter
Before and After
This faux stone house skirting blends well with the homes' siding and landscaping..
45. Slatestone Pewter