Photo Gallery: Wine Cellar Designs

Remodeling or building a wine cellar, closet or room for your vintage merlots—one sophisticated and inviting enough to do justice to your collection—can be a daunting job. As the photos in this gallery show however, FauxPanels® can make your job easier. A fraction of the price of real stone or brick and lightweight enough to maneuver by yourself (made of durable polyurethane, not heavy rocks), the panels can help transform your design in just a few hours - from a looming task to a simple weekend project.

The panels perfectly mimic the texture of real stone and brick, and yet require no maintenance. They insulate against heat and cold, resist fading, and never rot. What’s more, available in a wide array of colors and styles, you can pick out the stone that best compliments your zinfandel’s zest.

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Wine Cellars

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WC1. Norwich Colorado Stacked Stone Birchwood
Before and After
WC2. Norwich Dakota Stonewall Earth
Before and After
WC3. Norwich Dakota Stonewall Earth
WC4. Regency Old Chicago Brick Dusky Evening
WC5. Regency Old Chicago Brick Dusky Evening
Faux fieldstone veneer is a classy accent to this wine display. WC6. Carlton Fieldstone Summer Tan
Before and After
These stacked stone walls made from polyurethane look truly realistic and bring an old world flair. WC7. Regency Stacked Stone Earth
Decorative rock faux panels® bring rustic charm to this winery's visitor entrance. WC8. Wellington Drystack Earth
Faux stone panels for interior walls are used behind this wine bar. WC9. Wellington Drystack Earth
Interior rock wall panels bring texture and rustic style to the entrenceway of this winery. WC10. Wellington Drystack Earth
Artificial stone panels add a charming design element to the tasting room of this winery. WC11. Wellington Drystack Earth