York Home Siding Ideas

Ready for some new home siding ideas? Traditional vinyl siding tends to be drab and uninspired, adding no curb appeal to your home. York polymer panels are an improvement over the old standard. Not only do they offer firerated polyurethane, high wind load and great resistance to the elements, they also offer authentic detail and a realistic look.

This line of siding is available in three distinct textures of rock, stone and brick, in a variety of realistic, neutral shades. With the unique stone coloring process, each panel will have differences that add to their individuality just like how no two real stones are exactly alike.

Take a look at the photos below for ideas you can use to enhance the look and feel of your own house.

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Random Rock Siding | Stacked Stone Siding | Brick Siding

Random Rock Siding

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YS1. Random Rock Mesa
Before and After
YS2. Random Rock Mesa
YS3. Random Rock Mesa
YS4. Random Rock Mesa
YS5. Random Rock Mesa
YS6. Random Rock Mesa
YS7. Random Rock Mesa
Water resistant PVC material, featuring no water or oil-based paints, lets you create gorgeous water fixtures. YS8. Random Rock Cottonwood
Wainscoting home siding ideas are a snap to complete with faux rock PVC siding. YS9. Random Rock Desert Canyon
Create a beautiful design and curb appeal using PVC siding for houses as a wainscot material. YS10. Random Rock Red Rock
A faux rock PVC panel accent wall adds a touch of flair to you exterior home siding. YS11. Random Rock Mesa
YS12. Random Rock Mesa
YS13. Random Rock Mesa

Stacked Stone Siding

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ST1. Stacked Stone Auburn Hills
ST2. Stacked Stone Auburn Hills
ST3. Stacked Stone Auburn Hills
ST4. Stacked Stone Auburn Hills
ST5. Stacked Stone Durham Creek
ST6. Stacked Stone Dover Crest
ST7. Stacked Stone Dover Crest
ST8. Stacked Stone Dover Crest
ST9. Stacked Stone Durham Creek
ST10. Stacked Stone Durham Creek
ST11. Stacked Stone Durham Creek
ST12. Stacked Stone Durham Creek
ST13. Stacked Stone Durham Creek
ST14. Stacked Stone Durham Creek
ST15. Stacked Stone Auburn Hills
Before and After
ST16. Stacked Stone Auburn Hills
Before and After
ST17. Stacked Stone Durham Creek
ST18. Stacked Stone Dover Crest
ST19. Stacked Stone Durham Creek
ST20. Stacked Stone Durham Creek

Brick Siding

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YB1. Sundance Brick
Before and After
YB2. Cheyenne Brick
YB3. Cheyenne Brick
YB4. Cheyenne Brick
YB5. Cheyenne Brick