Faux River Rock and River Stone Panels

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  • Faux river rock panels applied to a wood stove's back wall.
  • River rock stone veneer siding installed on the bottom half of a home's exterior.
  • River Rock paneling resurfaces a kitchen's breakfast bar.
  • Fake river rock siding installed on a home's foundation.

River Rock panels and posts are a striking, cost-effective way to bring natural beauty to your home, inside or out. The coloring and texture of these styles look just like the real thing, down to the tiniest details of color and texture.

But while they trick the eye, these faux rock panels and posts are all composed of polyurethane, a durable material that’s even tougher than actual stone. It can withstand the harshest climate conditions such as heat, sunlight, moisture, wind and cold, without fading, peeling, chipping or eroding. This polyurethane also stands up to wear and tear from insects and other pest damage. Each panel and post will look as fresh and new in the years to come as they do on the day they’re first installed.

Another major advantage of polyurethane is its convenient lightweight nature. You won’t need to hire a mason for this project. Their weight not only makes them cost-effective in comparison with actual rock, but the hassle-free installation is even better.

An average homeowner can usually install these products quickly and easily, thanks to our simple, step-by-step instructions and guidelines. Any tools needed for the project are probably already in your home.

The natural coloring and textures of River Rock make it perfect for almost any type of décor from modern or casual to formal and traditional. The panels would look great in a kitchen, bathroom or den for starters. Outdoors they’re a sure thing for sprucing up a patio, pool or garden area. They can also add visual appeal to porches, garages or home foundations.

The posts and mailbox posts from the Ashford line create even more exterior landscaping possibilities. Add them to a driveway entrance, fence, gate or front door area to give your property a refined, welcoming appearance.