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Stone veneer panels can be used to add authenticity to practically any set design. The realism of polyurethane faux panels® is unparalleled, so they are the perfect way to spice up an office or home on television, film or stage.

NBC's hit show, The Apprentice, starring Donald Trump, used Windsor-style faux stone to add stately sophistication to its waiting room set. Lightweight, durable, and easy to custom cut to any size, stone veneer panels are a great alternative to real stone.

Your set design will benefit from faux panels®:

  • Durable polyurethane construction
  • Easy installation
  • Unmatched authenticity of texture
  • Wide range of available styles
  • Delivered right to your facility

For countless set design options, brick or stone veneer panels are the best choice – even for television shows shot in high definition thanks to their realistic details.

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Our Customers say:

Here are my before and after photos of a VW bus project for my game room. I had mounted the rear of this bus over a TV in my game room. I wanted to make it appear as if the bus had gone through the wall so I chose your brick nailon panels. I ordered them on the April 16th and received them on April 28th. I completed this project on April 30th. Thank you for a great product.

Scott S.

It's Chris Potter from the TV show "Design Star" . You helped us out a ton last winter with the stone for our set. I told you I would get you pictures, and now here they are. The network wouldn't give them to me until after the show finished it's run.

Thanks again! It's always a pleasure to work with you and your team. And your great products.

Chris Potter, Production Designer
CBS Eye Too, Productions, HGTV, Design star

Thank you so much for your support and donation of the faux wall panels. Everyone on set loved them and wanted to take them home for their kids to play with. More importantly, they were awesome in the shots we used them in. The color was PERFECT for the close up we needed with a long lens.

Everyone involved was there for free, donating their old 1950's cars, their time, their catering abilities, anything and everything under the sun in order to make the shoot a success. Your paneling was the icing on the cake. We clipped into into stand, propped it up with the ladder, and had a very tight shot on it with a shallow depth of field. It looks amazingly real.

Thank you so, so much!
Milan C.

Faux stone decorative panels create the appearance of rugged stacked stone in a variety of colors perfect for almost any interior design.
Wellington Panels
Super-realistic details, seven colors, durability and easy installation makes Wellington a set designer's dream.
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Fake rock made from molds of the real thing looks authentic while polyurethane construction makes it easy to maintain
Regency Panels
Cast from molds of genuine rock and stone, Regency is a great solution for any set design and its light weight makes installation a cinch.
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Faux stone siding creates professional looking results without the high costs or time required if you hired a stone mason
Norwich Panels
Interlocking panels make installation a snap and the variety of colors and styles provides a wide range of options for stage design with these stone veneer panels.
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Simulated brick and faux stone siding come in a variety of styles perfect for any interior design
Carlton Panels
Whether used to create the exterior of a cozy, cobblestone cottage the stone mosaic of a fieldstone fireplace, you have nearly limitless set design possibilities with Carlton.
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Faux stone decorative panels provide fade-proof looks, easy installation, durability and resistance to insect and weather damage.
Windsor Panels
Great color and style options along with coordinating accessories make Windsor very attractive for stage design.
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Create great set design whether you need brick, rock, or stone siding.
Nailon Siding
From TV studios to theater stages, lightweight and durable Nailon Siding offers realistic style while also making setup, breakdown and maintenance very simple tasks.
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Faux wood paneling is a perfect way to get the look of old-fashioned tongue-and-groove paneling without the hassles or headaches of termites, splinters, etc.
Woodland Panels
With three colors and an unfinished option, you can match any set design and give it an old-world tongue-and-groove look.
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