Exterior Siding

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  • Faux stone siding in shades of dark and light gray installed on a home exterior.
  • Faux brick siding in Used Red color used to renovate this home's exterior.
  • Fake ledgestone siding panels cover a home's original stucco exterior.
  • Imitation stone siding adds bold style to this home's exterior.
  • Novi River Rock Plus, faux rock siding covers a home's chimney and surrounding exterior.

Faux stone siding is a brilliant design tool to beautify your home’s exterior. This large collection of rock, stone and brick veneer styles offers gorgeous looks and user-friendliness -- a no-brainer for your design project.

Our cost-effective siding features the hand-crafted, expensive-looking finish of real stone masonry, simulating the minute coloring and textural detail of natural materials. The exterior siding panels’ incredibly lifelike quality will convince people that actual brick or stone was used.

Nailon and Novi siding is composed of polypropylene, a tough, durable material that is more resistant to weather and easier to maintain than actual rock or brick. It boasts a greater resistance to harsh climate conditions like wind, moisture, cold, sunlight and heat – it also stands up to pest and insect damage. There’s no issue of wear and tear such as peeling or cracking, even years after installation. It will maintain its fresh look for the long term.

York siding panels are made from a lightweight, durable and fire-rated PVC material. They also feature a rating to withstand wind load and wind shear exceeding 170 mph. Exterior siding like this will weather practically any storm with flying colors.

Our line of Log Siding is similar to a more traditional vinyl siding product. It is molded to recreate the look of log cabin construction, has an insulated backing and a contoured shape that adds strength and impact resistance.

All of these products have another major advantage over the real thing: polypropylene, PVC and vinyl all weigh a fraction of real stone, brick, rock or wood. This affords a hassle-free installation that’s well within reach of the abilities of an average homeowner, with no need to hire a mason or contractor. Simply follow our concise, step-by-step guidelines, using tools you probably own already to achieve stunning results. Before you know it, your exterior will be the standout beauty of the entire neighborhood.