Specifications: York Siding

York Random Rock Panels

Physical Data

Length: -1/4" total length tolerance
Width: -1/16" total width tolerance
Thickness (nominal): All panels exceed requirements per ASTM D3679
Camber Tolerance: ≤ 1/8
Heat Shrinkage Tolerance: ≤ 3.0%
Impact Resistance 60 in lb +
Surface Distortion: None at 120° F
Windload ASTM D5206 York Panels exceed 170 mph.

Fire Resistance Rating

ASTM E84: Class 1 (A)
Fire Spread Index: ≤25. Smoke Developed Index: ≤450
Fuel Contribution: 0
ATSM D 1929: Self ignition 878° F
ATSM D 635: Material is self-extinguishing with no measurable extent of burn when tested in accordance with this specification.

NFPA 268 Radiant Heat Test/Ignition Resistance of Exterior Walls. Conclusion that the products were tested and met the conditions for allowable use as specified in Section 1406 of the International Standard Building Code.