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  • Faux slate stone panels, corners and columns bring your designs an elegant new look.

Castle Rock panels and siding allow you to bring the regal look of elegant stonework to your interior or exterior home design project. They’re cost-effective and beautiful – no one will believe they’re not the real thing.

Offered in a wide variety of natural colors ranging from the light shades of Limestone and Marble Gray to elegant darker choices like Harvest and Gray, every stone panel recreates the unique texture and color of fine masonry down to the smallest details.

Despite looking just like stone, the panels are actually tougher thanks to their polyurethane composition. Polyurethane resists all forms of damage, fading, peeling, chipping, erosion and other types of wear and tear. This material boasts the ability to stand up to harsh climate conditions like moisture, heat, cold, sunlight as well as pest and insect damage, while continuing to look as beautiful in years to come as it does on installation day.

Another advantage of polyurethane is its light weight. You won’t need special equipment nor will you have to reinforce your walls to withstand the heavy weight of genuine stone. Delivery costs are also lower.

No masons are needed either! That saves you money. Most of our customers install the paneling themselves and thanks to the easy-to-follow instructions on our web site, it’s a fairly simple DIY project. You probably already own all the tools you’ll need.p>

Castle Rock panels, with their stately inlayed pattern, create an elegant mood in a formal dining room, office or den. Outdoors, the panels are beautiful as porch or foundation accents. Use them as exterior siding and your home will be the envy of the neighborhood. The possibilities are practically endless.