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  • Living room with faux cobblestone wall in Summer Tan.
  • Cobblestone veneer wainscoting on a home exterior.
  • Fake cobblestone in limestone color accents a wall alcove.
  • Cobblestone style fireplace surround.
  • Cobblestone siding installed around a brick home's window.
  • Faux cobblestone foundation installed around a modular home.

Faux cobblestone panels, corners and columns are a smart, inexpensive and attractive way to bring the charming look of cobbled stone to a wide variety of design projects.

Cobblestones are naturally round stones, larger than a pebble and smaller than a boulder. Often found at stream beds, they've been used for paving and building for centuries, often calling to mind English designs.

Each stone veneer product is available in wide variety of natural colors. From the pale shades of Limestone to the darker options of Gray, Smoke and Harvest, with a selection of warm and cool neutrals in between, you’ll find the perfect color for your design project.

The detailed coloring and texture of each piece duplicates real stone to an astonishing degree…yet they're better than actual stone. Made of polyurethane, the material is durable and damage-resistant – it won’t chip, crack or weather like real stone can, even in extreme climate conditions. Polyurethane also stands up to insects, pests and other wear and tear that gradually detracts from the beauty and strength of real rock.

One of polyurethane’s other strengths is its lightweight nature. You can easily carry and install the faux stone siding by yourself, as many of our customers do.

You’ll also never need to hire a mason or other professional for this project. The cost savings and easy installation are major advantages. Almost any homeowner can install the products easily with help from our concise, step-by-step instructions. You probably even already have the tools you’ll need for the project.

In addition to the panels, we also offer cobblestone corners and a selection of column styles. The corner pieces ensure easy installation – no mitering required. The columns and column covers can anchor a fence, mark the edge of a property, cover a porch or support post and more.

Faux cobblestone lends itself to a huge range of design possibilities. It brings traditional good looks to a formal setting like a dining room or living room and also works wonderfully in a kitchen or den. It’s equally attractive outdoors as exterior stone siding or garden- and patio-area design tools. Your home will be the envy of the neighborhood. In short, you can’t go wrong.