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  • Dry stack stone veneer panels create a bedroom accent wall in beautiful earth tones.
  • Kentucky Drystack panels in Iced Coffee color cover a wall behind a home's wood stove.
  • Faux dry stack stone panels in Rusty Tan used as porch skirting.
  • Dry stack stone veneer fireplace surround in Quarry Gray.
  • Novi Drystack exterior siding installed on a commercial building.
  • Faux dry stack stone interior wall in Earth color.

Dry Stack stone veneer comes in a variety of eye-catching patterns that capture the color and texture of real dry stacked rock to an amazing degree. The panels, siding and accessories offer a cost-effective and user-friendly way to bring taste and beauty to your design project.

This style comes in gorgeous earth-toned finishes ranging from pure white to the richness of Espresso, Lava and Iced Coffee with gorgeous choices in between such as the Tierra Gold, Toasted Vanilla, Earth, Saddle Beige and more. Any one of these astonishingly realistic-looking products will energize the look of your home’s interior or exterior.

While this dry stack style recreates stone’s appearance, its polyurethane composition makes it even more durable than real rock. Polyurethane boasts a powerful resistance to all forms of damage, fading, peeling or erosion and other types of wear and tear. Its ability to stand up to harsh climate conditions like moisture, heat, cold, sunlight as well as pest and insect damage, and continue to look as beautiful in years to come as they do the day you install them makes them a logical choice.

Polyurethane is the home do-it-yourselfer's best friend, thanks to its convenient, lightweight nature. There’s no need to hire a mason for this project! The cost benefits and no-hassle installation cannot be beat, and the average homeowner can use basic tools you probably already own to quickly install the panels or columns with the help of our easy, step-by-step instructions.

Dry Stack stone veneer will give any interior room a fresh appeal with its vibrant blending of tones and sharp patterning. Outdoors, the siding will beautifully accent a porch wall or foundation – or refresh an entire exterior. Use it anywhere indoors or out and you’ll be the pride of the neighborhood. Dressing up your home has never been so much fun.