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  • Ledgestone veneer siding applied to a home's foundation.
  • Faux ledgestone fireplace surround in Smoke color.
  • Ledgestone veneer panels used as porch skirting.
  • Home bar and backsplash surfaces covered with Carlton Ledgestone panels.

Ledgestone veneer panels let you bring the elegant look of stonework to an exterior or interior project, without breaking the bank… or your back. This style is available through several of our product lines, in a wide variety of natural colors suitable for every design need.

True ledgestone uses stones 2-8 inches tall and about 4 inches wide with two flat sides that make it easy to stack. Traditionally it was often used to create walls, borders and fireplaces.

The stone veneer duplicates the natural beauty of real rock but, thanks to it's polyurethane composition, is even better than stone. Genuine rock will chip and, if used outdoors, will gradually erode over time.

High density polyurethane easily withstands extreme temperatures, high winds, pounding rain, snow and even pests while still looking beautiful. Termites have no interest in it.

Crafted from molds made of genuine stone, it has the look and feel of real rock without any of the liabilities. It’s also resistant to UV fading, and won’t chip or peel like some other stone substitutes can.

Even better, the panels are very lightweight. One person can easily lift and install them by his or herself – and our customers regularly do.

Plus you can save money on installation. Not only is a stone mason not needed, but you don’t necessarily need a contractor either. Most of our customers install the panels themselves using our easy-to-follow instructions, which saves them a lot of money. If you do decide to use a contractor, the easy installation means less labor time.

Ledgestone will set a classic, elegant tone for a formal room like a dining room or living room as well as a rugged, natural look for a fireplace, home bar or other casual space. Many businesses have used them to create stylish restaurants, boutiques and lobbies.

Outdoors, the stone panels will create a realistic-looking foundation cover, exterior siding or porch accent. Your neighbors won’t believe it is not real stone.

Ledgestone veneer panels are perfect indoors or out for a beautiful, low maintenance, extremely durable renovation. Thanks to the wide variety of colors, your design options are practically endless.