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Random Rock veneer panels and siding are a beautiful, cost-effective way to bring the classic look of traditional stonework into your home. A huge array of color options ranging from pale Washed Bisque to the deeper shades of Espresso provide options for virtually any décor.

These rock veneer panels will convince your friends and neighbors that you installed real rock — the fine details of the coloring and texture duplicate actual stonework to an astonishing degree. The panels are made of polyurethane, a hardy material that’s even more durable than stone. It won’t chip or crack like rock can.

Polyurethane is tougher and more damage-resistant than the real thing, with the ability to stand up to the harshest climate conditions like heat, sunlight, moisture, wind and cold, without fading, peeling or eroding. It also stands up to wear and tear from insects, pests and other sources that would gradually detract from the beauty and strength of real stone.

Another huge advantage of polyurethane it is conveniently lightweight. There’s no need to hire a mason for this project! The cost benefits and no-hassle installation are undeniable. The average homeowner should be able to install the faux panels® quickly and easily with the help of our concise, step-by-step instructions and guidelines. All the tools required for the project are probably already in your possession.

The complex patterning and versatile colors of the Random Rock veneer panels and siding adapt to a wide variety of applications, both formal and casual. They look great in a kitchen, den, family room, basement or dining room. Outdoors, they’ll spruce up your patio or garden area. For even more impact, using them as exterior siding will make you the envy of the neighborhood.