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Bamboo panels work with a wide range of interior or exterior projects. Their realistic texture can grace any room or outdoor area with its clean lines and calming presence. Faux bamboo is light, bright, and fits in with both traditional and edgier, modern design schemes.

Imagine the tranquil quality this wall paneling will lend your master or guest bedroom, or the visual lift they’ll give to your kitchen or outdoor patio area. Commercially they add a striking dimension to a gallery, studio, boutique or showroom. Subtle, versatile and appealing, they simplify the work of pulling together the disparate visual components of a room.

The panels are a durable, affordable and an environmentally conscious choice. While real bamboo is known for its strength, faux is even hardier thanks to its polyurethane makeup. It’s extremely tough and easily withstands all sorts of indoor and outdoor wear and tear: pest damage, moisture, heat, light, and the erosion, peeling and fading resulting from the above.

Polyurethane is also lightweight which makes it both cost-effective and simple for almost any homeowner to install without hiring a professional. Your average household tools—which you probably own already—should be all you need to have the panels up in almost no time. We provide easy, step-by-step instructions to bring the project to a happy, stress-free conclusion.