Faux Reclaimed Barn Board

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  • Faux reclaimed barn wood walls in a living room featured on TV's Home Free.
  • Close-up view of the Wellington Reclaimed Barn Board panel.
  • Faux barn wood paneling added to a kitchen's walls for beautiful rustic character.
  • Outdoor kitchen outfitted with faux barn board in Multicolor.
  • Kitchen island resurfaced with reclaimed wood look paneling.
  • Artificial barn board siding added to an outdoor shower.
  • Fake barn wood panels added to a home's stairwell walls.

Faux reclaimed wood paneling is a design innovation that achieves the appearance and texture of real wood rescued from old barns. Containing all the nicks, nail holes, and grains of vintage wood, these panels bring you a rustic look that inspires the relaxed feel of the countryside.

Crafted from molds made of actual salvaged barn board, these highly durable polyurethane panels capture its unique elegance and texture. Weighing less than one third of boards made of solid wood, these panels are also extremely easy to install. Their high-density polyurethane composition also gives them a weatherproof durability that stands up to severe weather conditions and wear and tear. They’ll never split, fade, warp or crack. Years will go by, and they will continue to look as good as new. Termites and other wood-damaging insects will also leave them alone. As a result, the panels will retain their outstanding quality.

Their attractive design offers a consistent multicolor style in all sizes that is almost impossible to attain when using real reclaimed wood. Conveniently, they still contain ample variation in color that makes them look real. Thanks to this, they are great for large projects, and provide a beautiful decorative accent for any design.

The panels offered in the shiplap style are designed to have the appearance of slightly overlapping boards. The result is an attractive design element that creates the calming look of coastal cottages. With fake reclaimed barn board, you’ll achieve a refreshing ambience that will add style to any space.