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Installed to give my home bar an high quality aesthetic. Installation was very easy and product was very workable. Have received plethora of positive feedback, even won a home bar contest! Highly recommend this product!
North Carolina
Product used: Windsor Random Rock New England Mocha Panel

I'd like to submit a review & photos of my completed project. I was able to complete this entire project alone. It took me a while to get started because I'm a procrastinator. :-). I've had my 1st party & my family, friends & neighbors absolutely love it! The product was very easy to work with.

I would definitely recommend it to an intermediate "do it yourself person" who is comfortable with using a jig saw, drill, construction adhesive & measuring tape. TIP: cutting should be done outside of home due to dust debris unless your cutting tool has an attached vacuum.

Griffin, GA
Product used: Norwich Colorado Stacked Stone Tall Earth Panel
We bought some of your panels for our new house. We are very pleased with how they are very pleased with how they look. Everyone who sees them or the pictures is very impressed. They cannot believe they are not real.
Betty B.
Michie, TN
Product used: Norwich Colorado Stacked Stone Desert Sand Panel
The Mercedes RV carport was new construction to protect the RV. The stacked columns was what he wanted to add that special appeal towards his house. The columns has the style and the best color combination, to add to his home. Great product can't wait to use your product again. Thanks Jeff
Salisbury, NC
Product used: Norwich Colorado Stacked Stone Motley Gray Column
The most difficult part of the job was framing out the existing pillars before applying the Faux panels, which by comparison, was very easy. The panels are light weight and easy to cut and apply. The adhesive that was provided was very difficult to push out with my caulk gun, I thought it may have been dated, and purchased some of the same from my local 'big box' store and had the same issue . . . I used a comparable adhesive in a different brand with no problem. I also found that the column caps could be trimmed back more extensively on the inside dimension - it made it more complicated and time consuming to try and get a good fit with trial and error trimming. Overall a good experience, and while fairly costly for what the material consists of - it provides a very nice look. I am considering using in another area.
Product used: Wellington Dry Stack Earth Medium Column
Item is very attractive and light weight. We made them into horse jumps and they look beautiful. Shipping costs made them quite expensive but the end result is amazing.
Jody M.
New Hampton, NY
Very nicely made and durable Installed the whole fence myself with these columns and they look great
Loe H.
Super easy to install. Would buy again
People I don't even know will come up to me and ask me how did I learn how to make such a column. One guy even touch the column and he said it looks really strong. I had to tell people it's fake, that's how I was able have nice columns in a few hours.
I ordered and made six of these into pillar-style horse jumps. After a little creative adaptation, they look gorgeous in the horse show ring and are sturdy as well. Will be buying more in the future!
Chris C.
Love the mailbox and its realistic look. Have recieved numerous compliments regarding. Matched my stone on home and garage perfectly!!
Rick E.
Looks great and super easy to install. We used the wooden post that was already there and just had to dig the perimeter and fill with concrete.
Saint Louis, Missouri
I bought the gray one and it looks just like the picture. Very easy to install. I used a jig saw to cut the bottom off, put it over the 4x4, then I dug some dirt out around the bottom so the concrete wouldn't seep out, poured 1 bag of concrete in, used a level to make sure it was straight and that was it. I bought a different mail box because I wanted metal not plastic other than that I would highly recommend this product. Great price for a great product. I have received many compliments from my neighbors.
West Suburb of Chicago
This is the second outdoor kitchen we have built using faux panels. We were so happy with the product the first time we knew we had to use it again at our new home for our new kitchen. Thank you!
Amber and Rich S.
Product used: Regency Stacked Stone Birchwood Panel

These panels are so realistic, beautiful and easy to install.

After watching the how-to videos on this site we felt confident enough to dive in and had it all done in a day.

We get so many compliments on our gorgeous "stone" fireplace now. It's made such a difference in our beach house. We absolutely love it!

Huntington Beach, CA
Product used: Regency Stacked Stone Potomac Panel
Just following back up. I appreciate you getting this out to me in June so I could install it earlier. Although this was not specifically for a mailbox (post, base and cover), I made it into one and included a picture of the final product (includes a mailbox from Salsbury Industries). The faux stone matches my house well (not in the picture) so my wife was very happy. I put the base and column on about 500 lbs. of concrete with a center post that comes up into the column. Thanks again for great customer service. Feel free to include this in your photo gallery section if you desire.
Product used: Carlton Cobblestone Limestone Column Cover