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We have used Faux panels in several projects now and are looking for more ways to use them. We are particularly pleased with the detail of the product.
Thank you!

Noble Signs Anniston, AL
Product used: Wellington Dry Stack Earth Panel
We used the material as a skirt for our new aluminum storage building. What a difference it made! Thank you!
D. Shipe
Product used: Wellington Dry Stack Earth Panel
Here are my pics. The panels were very easy to work with, it took me one day to complete job. I'm not a carpenter by a long shot but was easy to do, just double checked measurements. I took photos to work with me and everybody loved it! A couple even wanted to know the website where I got them from. It looks so real! Got the look I wanted and love it!
Steve H.
Saxton, PA
Product used: Norwich Dakota Stone Wall Desert Sand Panel
I have enclosed two pictures, before and after the installation of your Norwich Motley Gray Colorado Stacked Stone Panel, and one of the front of the house so that you can see how it looks with the rest of the front. I am very pleased with the way this project turned out. Your material is easy to work with, and easy to install. A bonus, it looks like the real thing, at a fraction of the cost. Great material
Austin N. Victoria, BC Canada
Product used: Norwich Colorado Stacked Stone Motley Gray Panel
We used a faux rock panel to reface entrance sign base to our neighborhood and it turned out very nice. The product was easy to apply and has a very realistic look to it. It really finished off and gave a nice look to our project of installing a new community sign. The product was lightweight and will hopefully endure many years outside giving our community a new sense of pride a new face to present to the other neighborhoods in our area.
C. Parker
Product used: Norwich Dakota Stone Wall Graphite Panel
My company has recently finished a commercial remodel project, that included installing your faux brick panels. My project supervisor and the crew were very impressed with your product. Not only was it easy to install, but the " solid " feel of the finished job, puts it way ahead of vinyl siding. My customer is thrilled with the finished look and is recommending it to many personal & business associates. We had a lot of people stop, while installing your product, and ask questions and give compliments. I am sending you some photo's of the project. Thanks again
St. Augustine, Florida
I have just completed renovations to my house prior to selling. I decided to use your product because it was the easiest to order and quickest to receive. I must say that I am eternally grateful for selecting your company. Your customer service was outstanding! After receiving my initial order, I realized that I was in need of several other items to complete my job. I called your company on a Monday, and that Wednesday I had the materials I needed to complete the job. I resurfaced the front of my house covering up out-dated brick. The compliments I received after doing this job were amazing! The overall look that it gave to the house definitely modernized the look. I am positive that this will be a huge factor in the sale of my house. I am enclosing a picture of the job that I did on the house. Thank you again for your great service and I will definitely recommend your company to anyone asking.
Craig W.
This product looks as real as the real stone. It was easy to install and all the people I had to deal with in the process of ordering this merchandise were very helpful and easy to work with. When guests visit, they have to touch it to verify it is not real stone, and none of them believe I installed it myself, and especially without any help at all. I am looking for other areas to use some of the other various styles you provide. It is acutally fun and rewarding to install. The results are 100% satisfying.
Bill N.
Moravia, NY
Product used: Regency Stacked Stone Ponderosa Panel
Your website was very informational and helpful!
Rick D.

After finishing a big exterior project, I had a few Regency stacked stone (Earth color) panels left, so I decided to cover one interior wall in our dining room.

Installing the boards was very easy, even working alone. The fact that they are so light helped a lot, especially when installing panels 10 ft. from the floor.

One key thing is to make sure the panels are level, because even slight steps from one panel to the next means that the next row will show a substantial gap, and it won't look that nice. If you end up with a small step, you can trim off a little bit of material from one of the panels (do it on the one which will not show off) so that they end up leveled.

P. V.
Tuxedo, NY
Product used: Regency Stacked Stone Earth Panel

Your selections floored me. The Regency Stacked Stone “Everscape” looks as though it was dug out of my back yard in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. AND the Norwich Kentucky Dry Stack is a close second. I started in the construction industry in 1978 and at the end of my career I was the Manager of Land Acquisitions for a $12B national builder. The last 10 years we built 30,000 homes +/- in Northern Virginia/DC Metro region.

I very familiar with the use of cultured stone and lately “AirStone” for interior applications but your product blows them a way as far as ease of application, “fool-proof-ness” and final results. Look forward to using your product and I have already flipped your website address to my construction contact list.

Mitch E.
Wow! After buying my first restaurant I was overwhelmed by everything I had to do — the last thing I wanted to think about was redoing the exterior of the building. After my business partner convinced me to look at your site we bought Nailon mountain red stone siding. We installed it ourselves to save money. I was shocked at how easy it was to totally transform an old hamburger joint into a gorgeous place that looks stylish, clean and modern — we love it!
Jack D.
San Bernadino, CA
We put dessert buff brick siding up last year and it looks brand new! We LOVE the color and the neighbors can’t believe we didn’t spend a fortune redoing our siding. It’s not a secret anymore... I’ve pointed several people to your site and they are buying Nailon panels like ours.
Daniel M.
Gardnerville, NV
You'll be sure to get tons more orders. Thank you again for the great product!
Alan S.
New Shoreham, RI
Thanks for a neat product! I recently bought and renovated my home making several changes including Nailon bricks on the sides and front of my home. The bricks look spectacular and the panels were so easy to put up.
Jennifer M.
Bench Creek, UT
As a contractor I’ve ordered many products from your site — everything always arrives in perfect condition, on time, and ready to go. We recently bought a place in the outer banks and we wanted something that would be quick to install, sturdy and have a classic feel. The used buff brick paneling was absolutely ideal — this place will definitely sell for much more than we paid for it!
Rae A.
KittyHawk, NC
We bought glacier white faux panels and coordinating corners to refinish the back of our house. We wanted something modern and natural and we couldn’t agree on anything until we saw your website. After ordering the panels and installing them we are thrilled with the result — I cannot tell you how great they look! The white stones are easy to clean and they’re a great compliment to our yard.
Mark E.
Eugene, OR
We have just finished installing your faux panels in our new log home. I wanted to say how pleased and amazed we are with the quality and look of the faux stone. We installed our entire wall in one day with no mess and little physical effort. The panels are light and easy to handle and cut. We've had countless complements on it and few people can tell it's not real or manufactured rock and mortar from looking at it, and even when touching it, it's not easy to decide the difference. The cost turned out even cheaper than using manufactured rock and mortar, and the time savings was not even comparable.
Rob M.
Swoope, VA
Product used: Carlton Fieldstone Harvest Panel
Our new Nailon siding looks beautiful — there is just no comparison with other siding out there. Believe me — we looked at A LOT of siding. After the nth trip to Home Depot we are so happy we decided to order our panels from your site and do this ourselves — it was so easy and cost a lot less than we thought it would to reside our home. Thank you!
John R.
Key Largo, FL
I want to thank you again for getting our order in and shipping so quickly. They came in time for us to take advantage of some super weather (Indian Summer in Ohio). We're very happy with your service and the product. Ran into a few ‘challenges' along the way but figured ‘em out. We'll probably use this 'stuff' again on another rehab project down the road. Thanks again!
Teresa S.