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Exceeded our expectations!
Product used: Novi Stone Wall Aspen Panel
My wife and I love the way our house and outdoor kitchen turned out. We feel that this has been the best money we ever spent. Would highly recommend this product. It's very easy to install and only requires a few tools. Thanks.
Jeff F.
Product used: Novi Stone Wall Smoked Gray Panel
We used the faux rock for the wall in our baptistery at church. We mounted a stain glass cross on it and made a waterfall that cascades down it . Then we put blue lights to reflect on it. Everyone loves it and thinks it it real rock. They are surprised when they find out it is faux rock! Highly recommend this product!
Bennie D.
Marietta, SC
Product used: Novi Stone Wall Terra Panel

I have attached before and after pictures of a small project that I did using your Novi dry stack siding panels. My basement wall had in its past had some oily residue from either a wood preservative or some type of insecticide placed on its surface. This prevented any type of masonry coating from adhering to the surface.

After many attempts at painting or coating this wall over the years I decided to try putting a Faux stone face on this wall. After an internet search I found your website and have been very happy with your products and the customer service that I received from your staff. These panels were installed by using treated firing strips Tapconned onto the wall. This job went well with satisfying results, and should last for years.

Ken N.
Stanley, NY
Product used: Novi Dry Stack Basalt Panel
The purpose of these stones were to cover old railroad ties that formed a raised flower bed under my picture window in the front of my house. We used the panels and the corners to cover the railroad ties box. For the top we used rectangular pavers that we purchased for $2.00 each at the local Garden Store. It completed the look beautifully at half the cost of replacing the box with real stone. The neighbors all commented how beautiful it looked and only took a few hours.
Stratford, CT