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Some product lines, like our Windsor, Nailon and Novi lines of faux panels®, don’t require glue but some of our other lines do use glue to adhere the panel to the wall. General and Carlton glues are safe to use, non-toxic and apply easily and with great results.

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Your beautiful panels and siding are the stars of the show, but it takes a strong, industrial-strength adhesive glue to help create an easy, worry-free installation and be able to come to the rescue in any future repair situation.

Even though screws are used throughout the installation process, the application of this construction adhesive is highly recommended at the sections of the panels that join together. This use will help to maintain the installation’s integrity. It prevents any possibility of flexing or separation of the panels from their adhering surface, which can come about as a result of extreme changes in ambient humidity and temperature. Another important role that construction-strength glue plays is to ensure that the newly installed panels stay waterproof and weatherproof.

Our industrial-strength construction glue is highly recommended for use with polyurethane. It is non-toxic, mild, environmentally friendly and only requires the use of basic tools for application, enabling almost any homeowner to handle the project on their own. Referring to our illustrated, step-by-step instructions will give you all the information you need to know to correctly apply the glue in moderate amounts for an effective, trouble-free and long-lasting installation on a wide range of flat surfaces, including brick or concrete, and on both walls and ceilings. Both interior and exterior use is equally safe and effective.

You’ve gone as far as selecting the perfect panel; investing the finest product for looks, maintenance and durability…it’s time to back it up with the best adhesive for your project. Our glue will make sure you maintain peace of mind with your installation and any minor repairs.