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Your beautiful, eye-catching panels, columns and siding will grab everyone’s attention and create your design statement. But there are other components that you’ll need to complete the job. The DIY accessories listed here will help you to install, maintain and enhance the panels and other faux products and keep them looking their best in the long term.

The Universal line of wall caps, capitals, keystones and trim blocks provide you with what you need to add further decorative accents indoors and out. Each piece flawlessly mimics real stone, and can be coordinated with any style panel, or to add to existing stone, brick or wood structures.

Touch-up kits serve their purpose during installation and later on, for maintaining the look of the panel. During installation, panels often need to be cut to size. A cut in a panel creates a visible mark. Touching up the panel with the help of the touch-up kit’s paints guarantees that no one will be able to tell where the panel was cut. In addition, whenever the panel or siding needs any refreshing at any point in time, these kits will come to your rescue.

Caulk serves as a barrier to seal out moisture and protect the panel. During installation it’s used to transition from panels to windows, doors and other siding projects like molding, corners and ledgers. Our caulking is available in complementary colors to blend in with the panel being installed.

Of course, glue is critical in holding the panels in place. It must be resistant to moisture and other weakening forces, and should be able to bear weight reliably. Our glue can be used on a variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces, including concrete.

Used together, these accessory products are the supporting team that works to add further design accents, aid in installation, and keep your faux products protected so that they always look fresh and new.