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Nothing adds a finishing touch to a decorative column like our faux stone column and post caps. They’re a stately, subtle and effective means to add polish to your exterior architectural accents.

Posts and columns conveniently transformed into faux stone or brick columns through our column wraps or sleeves are beautiful and elegant in and of themselves. However, capping them off with our faux post caps is the icing on the cake, so to speak. They’re the proverbial “cherry on top”, providing a smart accent to draw in the eye and pull together and balance out the various elements of your exterior landscape.

These faux caps come in a finish bearing an incredible likeness to real stone. However, they’re made of polyurethane and polyethylene, which boast the advantage of being much hardier and resistant to harsh external conditions such as strong sunlight, beatings from wind, rain and moisture, relentless cold as well as pest and insect damage. The post caps, like the columns they accessorize, will not fade, peel or crack, and will continue to look great years after they’ve been put up.

Another huge selling point for both polyurethane and polyethylene are their convenient lightweight nature. Besides allowing for easy shipping and cutting costs, this means that the caps can be installed simply and effectively by the average homeowner, using tools that are probably lying around the house already!

There’s absolutely no need to hire a mason or other professional for this project. Using our straightforward, step-by-step instructions, you’ll have handsome columns and caps beautifying your property in no time. And the caps conform to safety regulations in the event of a crash. It’s a project that will change the way your home interfaces with the neighborhood.