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These come as 1 molded piece and are designed to slide over a column or a post.

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Synthetic stone and brick column covers provide one of the simplest means to instantly transform an exterior column. Installing a column sleeve is practically a one-step process that will leave your column “dressed” in an elegant finish that will add value and curb appeal to your property.

These column covers operate in the same way as the sleeve of a shirt or sweater. Just as simply, they slip on directly in a streamlined process that results in a column no one will believe is not solid stone or brick. The façade is so lifelike and precise in its detail, down to the way they feel to the touch.

Despite their convincing likeness to real rock or brick, the covers are composed of polyurethane. Amazingly, polyurethane is a material which boasts a much higher durability than the real thing! It offers the ability to withstand the harshest climate conditions—heat, beating sunlight, freezing cold, slow damage from moisture—not to mention resistance to pest and insect damage that will give you peace of mind. None of the fading, cracking or peeling that inferior-quality faux finishes succumb to. These covers will look as good years down the road as they do brand-new.

Polyurethane also has the advantage of being incredibly lightweight, enabling almost any homeowner to affix the covers without any need to hire a professional. In the end they’ll look like you called in a mason! But with our easy step-by-step instructions and using simple tools you’re already likely to own, you’ll have the project completed in no time.

It’s quick, it’s easy, and with these beautiful results…why wait? It’s a small investment that reaps big returns!