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Faux stone decorative posts and pillars—your go-to accents for a wide variety of landscaping scenarios! And they’ve never been more elegant, cost-effective and easy to install.

Our faux stone pillars and posts are truly capable of almost anything. They can work as lamp posts, porch posts, mailboxes and in many other applications you might devise, and using either 4’ x 4’ or 6’ x 6’ as their base, can be modified for variation in height.

These decorative posts and pillars bear an extraordinary likeness to real brick or stone, down to tiny details and their tactile surface feel. No one will assume anything other than that you’ve hired a mason and shelled out big bucks for these stately, classically appealing accessories.

In truth, they’re made of polyethylene, which means the faux posts and pillars are much tougher and more resistant to harsh conditions than the natural materials themselves. They’ll stand up to erosion and weakening from sunlight, wind, moisture, cold, heat, insect and pest damage and any other forms of wear and tear. Not only will the faux posts and pillars retain their structural integrity, but they’ll continue to look as new and unblemished in the coming years as they do when first installed!

And despite its amazing strength, polyethylene is lightweight, making it cost-effective and easy for almost any homeowner to install without professional assistance. There’s absolutely no need to hire a mason (though your friends will assume you did!). With our concise, step-by-step instructions and guidelines and with some ordinary tools you probably own already, you can have the posts or pillars installed securely and safely in practically no time.

And while they look great as they are, it’s your choice to continue on and top your post with one of our faux column caps. Simplicity, ease, options…these are the hallmarks of our faux posts and pillars.